Yuichi Higashionna: Walking the Window


January 15 – February 23, 2002

Curated by Yumiko Chiba, Yumiko Chiba Associates

ISE Cultural Foundation is pleased to announce the inauguration of the exhibition program PEC: Program for Emerging Curators, which focuses on the curatorial devotions of emerging professionals who present cutting-edge artist in the field of contemporary art. The first PEC will be Yuichi Higashionna‘s solo exhibition,Walking the Window”, which comes to us from Ottawa, Canada. It is curated by the Japan-based curator, Yumiko Chiba of Yumiko Chiba Associates. In his first exhibition in New York, the artist simulates our living space, filling the entire gallery space with materials in everyday life. The viewers can experience the intimate atmosphere with pseudo-curtains painted on canvases through the window. By looking through the window and walking behind the wiucedndow, the audience is introduced to different impressions between the ‘seen’ and the ‘unseen’. People feel at ease in the pink walled “seen” space with its familiar objects. On the other hand the “unseen” behind the wall represents something uncanny in our contemporary life. The little trip in the installation work leads the guests to a conclusion of psychological disruption in such comfort, coexisiting with the veiled anxiety they have often sensed in their daily life. The guest curator, Yumiko Chiba, has organized numerous exhibitions of established and emerging artist at galleries and museums throughout Japan.

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