Tomoni Shintaku

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Work1 Title: the Streams of Gyudon #69-02 Year: 2014 Materials: watercolor on montvale paper Dimensions: H 72cm W 60cm   Work2 Title: the Streams of Instant Noodle #69-10 Year: 2014 Materials: watercolor on montvale paper Dimensions: H 41cm W 24cm Work3 Title: Convinience store Bento Meals in a Heap #41-02 Year: 2015 Materials: watercolor on montvale paper Dimensions: H 45cm W 38cm Work4 Title: Japanize!(kimchi/Korea) Year: 2015 Materials: watercolor on montvale paper Dimensions: H 26cm W 39cm Work5 Title: Let’s eat everyone(54 people)Year: 2015 Materias:l watercolor on montvale paper Dimensions: H 33cm W 53cm D


I produce works in a motif with food.
Especially I choice fast food and junk food, in short,
Gyudon, instant noodles and bento meal from convenience stores.
These foods have come into use to try to express today’s situation both critically
and simple but cynically.
My major works are two series ; the Streams of Gyudon/the Streams of Instant Noodles and
Convenience store Bento Meals in a Heap.
The former series embodies the actual situation of the meal of modern people
with falling Gyudon and noodles furiously to stomach of the public without tasting, which
are painted like natural streams.
The latter is  discarded convenience store bento meals piled up in large quantities every day like a heap
and expresses nuance of Japanese Animism like finding god to a grain of rice.
The narrow-minded external eyes that the Japanese has are set on proportional support of the Japanese national flag.
And they are modeled after various food, dishes of all the countries of the world like a circle.
This is Japanize series.
It asks redistribution of wealth that concentration of the wealth to the well off accelerating all over the world.
Cutting a cake into pieces symbolizes the redistribution and express.
This is Let’s eat everyone series.


1982 Born in Hiroshima, Japan
2005 B.A. Kyushu Sangyo University of art,Fukuoka
2013 Shinjuku College of Cooking,Tokyo
Solo Exhibitions
2015 ”the Streams of Instant Noodles”, HAGISO, Tokyo(to be held)
2014 ”the Streams of Gyudon”, Sawada Mansion Gallery room38, kochi
Group exhibition
2014  “Dobuike Marché”,Dobuike Marché, Osaka
2014  “Portfolio Exhibition”,Sawada Mansion Gallery room38, kochi
2013  “Gakigura 6th Exhibition”,Gallery Oishi,Fukuoka
2012  “YOUNG ARTISTS JAPAN Vol.5″,Tokyo Designers Week(TDW),Tokyo
2004  “Exhibition ShijuBokujin”,LAPIN ET HALOT,Tokyo
2000  “Exhibition Daikaku”,NHK Gallery,Fukuoka
2015 Tokyo Wonder seed 2015
2013 The 2th Miyamoto Saburo Memorial Drawing Award
2005 the Beppu Asia Biennale of Contemporary Art 2005
2004 The 19th Tobiume National Cultural Festival of Art
2002 The 34th West Art Exhibition
2001 The 37th Fukuoka Art Exhibition Fukuoka parliamentary speaker Prize
2007 ARTDISFOR with HIguchi Shijyu start
Solo Exhibitions
“Tokyo University of the Arts Destruction”,ART IN GALLERY,Tokyo
“Shopping”,ART IN GALLERY,Tokyo
Group exhibition
“petit GEISAI #15″,Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Museum,Tokyo
“GEISAI #14″,Tokyo Big Sight,Tokyo
“Unknown possibility 03″,Shinjuku Ganka Gallery,Tokyo
“Chiyoda Independent Arts Festival 3331″,3331 Arts Chiyoda,Tokyo
“The Artcompe X”,The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo,Tokyo
“Independent Exhibition Tokyo”,COEXIST,Tokyo
“ART & PHOTOBOOK EXHIBITION”,Shinjuku Ganka Gallery,Tokyo
“Unexpected”,Shinjuku Ganka Gallery,Tokyo
The 45th Art Exhibition,Kanagawa Prefecture
Shinsei 13th Exhibition

Place: Tokyo, Japan