Tomomi Ono

T.O.seed-to the earth

April 23 – July 27, 2005

Artist: Tomomi Ono

The theme of my artwork is “existence” and the transience of that existence which remains only while water continues to run through one’s body. The figurative images in the center of my artwork are the symbols of life.

Sometimes they are floating in the air and at other times sinking or piled into a dark space. The subjects are picked from everyday life like fruits that were abandoned in the refrigerator for several months, dried seeds that are either in the beginning or end stages of life, hanging birds in a chicken farm or a human lying in silence. They are in a moment of life, belonging to the order of nature. The texture that appears on the background of the image expresses the flow of water overflowing from one life to another. However, at the same time, I avoid creating concrete forms of art work, seeking to give an abstract experience to viewers.

Additionally, printmaking is the type of art that you need to look at slowly and carefully as if you are observing a small creature, because its delicacy and beauty is not easy to appreciate at a glance.