The Other Stories


October 07 – November 04, 2011

Artist: Koh Murao

Opening Reception: Friday, October 7, 6-8PM

ISE Cultural Foundation is pleased to present “The Other Stories” at Front Space by Koh Murao.

Murao explains about his work and his exhibition as following:
“I think that making a painting is creating a story as for me.
I enjoy playing in the world of imagination, and I feel creative satisfaction when I draw the images from my mind and construct a fictional scene.
Many of my works are created allegorically with personified animals or symbolic objects in somewhat irrational space. The inspiration comes from my personal memories, taste and the irony I felt in my daily life. Each of my work has the different world and there is no consistent concept as a series. I hope to create the paintings that allow viewers to imagine the world beyond the picture and look at “the other stories” out of our daily life.”

By Koh Murao

Image: “The Other Stories”, watercolor, pen, and color pencil on paper, 52 x 72 cm

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