The Drawing Room


June 21 – July 27, 2002

Curated by Nao Onda

Artists:  Eva Lee, Frank Magnotta, Ayae Takahashi

Ise Cultural Foundation is pleased to announce a group show entitled The Drawing Room as the foundation’s summer project 2002. This exhibition will feature three contemporary artists, Eva Lee, Frank Magnotta and Ayae Takahashi, who are known for a common medium, large-scale drawing.

Eva Lee, who lives and works in Ridgefield, Connecticut, investigates worlds within worlds by making associations between an imagined world of nature and the constructed world of science through her drawings.  Her drawings are a series of dots and lines on black paper. The groups of dots, however, expand continuously from the incredibly fine micros to the imaginative macro universe.  The expansion seems almost endless like spacious galaxies that surround the earth.

The pencil drawn architecture by the Brooklyn artist Frank Magnotta seems to flow in white or black background.  He constructs the imaginary buildings, which are based on TV Guide. The size of each module of the buildings depends on the TV program’s time-run and the artist attaches the title of the program subsequently at the exterior.  His would-be-American ziggurats represent the atmosphere in a drowsy Monday morning and a feverish Friday night.

Boston-based artist Ayae Takahashi makes her settings of fairy tales in her large-scale drawings on panels.  The artist embeds her emotions   in the popular characters in the story such as Snow White, which every one has been acquainted since childhood. In her works, the eerie figures appear as the connotations that came through her personal hybrids of Eastern background and Western influence.  The viewers travel the parabolic world, experiencing the artist’s psychological intension as if they are reading the storybook.

The three artists impose the different worlds, overwhelming by the refinements of the works as well as the artists’ profound thoughts on drawings.  It surely leads the audience to investigate the significance of drawing itself.

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