Tetsuya Uryu

WEB DSC記憶の泉 DSC象と少女 WEB DSCやませみ

Work1 Title: “Sora” Year: 2012 Materials: Acrylic on board Dimensions: H 285mm W 375mm D 4mm Work2 Title: A memory of fountain Year: 2014 Materials: Acrylic on board Dimensions: H 500mm W 390mm D 4mm Work3 Title: Pulsation Year: 2014 Materials: Acrylic on board Dimensions: H 530mm W 455mm D 4mm Work4 Title: Fleeting dream Year: 2015 Materials: Acrylic on board Dimensions: H 400mm W 495mm D 4mm Work5 Title: Tsugai Year: 2011 Materials: Acrylic on board Dimensions: H 300mm W 360mm D 10mm


I am Tetsuya Uryu, a Japanese painter.

All the pictures that I made are drawn by my hand.

I usually draw on illustration board by using acrylic paint.

I take a lot time for creating my pictures because I give lives to the animals on my pictures.

It is my pleasure if more and more people notice and listen to the voice of animals by looking at my pictures.

Many Thanks,

Tetsuya Uryu


Solo show

April 2013 Shinyurigaoka “Sari Gallery Hana”

July 2013 Yomiuri Land “community cafe Mameli”

January 2014 Ginza “Yu Gallery”

Group Exhibition

April 2014 New York International Exchange Exhibition “Ward-Nasse Art Gallery” “40th ARTEX NEW YORK Exhibition”

April 2014 Tokyo “ART SPACE BAR BUENA” “two people of realism Exhibition”

June 2014 Osaka “SoHo Art Gallery” “ART & CRAFT FAIR Exhibition”

October 2014 Tokyo “Yamawaki Gallery” “10th Japan illustrator Association Exhibition”


February 2013 Ginza Yu Gallery “Boy meets Girl” Exhibition Gallery Award

August 2014, “the 15th International Illustration Competition” Honorable Mention

November 2014 and exhibited at “The 40th modern picture for children Exhibition” Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Place: Fukuoka, Japan

Contact: goodbye-day@nifty.com

Website: https://plus.google.com/100983015828605898769/about