May 03 – June 02, 2012

Artists: Robert Hendrickson

ISE Cultural Foundation is pleased to present solo exhibition “SERENE CITY” by Robert Hendrickson at the Front Space.

Robert Hendrickson has been painting landscape in the New York/ New Jersey region for many years. By driving and walking around the metropolitan area, Hendrickson discovers the hidden isolated spots that illustrate the dynamic qualities of the contemporary city. In many cases his subject is the infrastructure such as large bridges and highways, another time it is the birds-eyed view of the city with countless buildings. Hendrickson’s infatuation and factual examination of every detail in the cityscape remind us of high-resolution photography at casual glance. Yet, when we realize the fact that his work is all done with brushes and oil paint, we are amazed by the amount of time and faithful technique he put on each work. Also, his understanding of the formal issues of painting brings a strong abstract structure and deep pictorial space to his work.
Hendrickson creates an oddly serene moment of the city where all kinds of powerful and energetic human activities are occurring.

Image: “Verrazano Bridge” 2010, Oil on Linen, 32×68 inches