Saigon Memories – New York Revelations (1970-2011)


January 07 – January 29, 2011

Artist: Thomas Thuan Dang Vu

Opening Reception: Friday, January 7, 6-8pm

ISE Cultural Foundation is pleased to present “Saigon Memories – New York Revelations (1970-2011)” by Thomas Thuan Dang Vu at Front Space.

Art Statement by Thomas Thuan Dang Vu:
“The Communists came to search our home. They loaded all of our furniture and personal belongings into their trucks…and then they took my father away. Unfairly, he would languish in a prison for years, as our lives deteriorated and hope slipped away. Now, I brush my oils across raw canvas, allowing them to drip, to cover the shadows of a painful past. I bandage gaping wounds with pieces of gauze and sharp, threaded needles, always trying to erase the haunting memories of growing up during Communist rule in Vietnam. But those memories impel me to tell my story and share my Saigon childhood through my work. It is near impossible at times to face that pain. But the motion of painting¡½and the emotion that wells inside me¡½guides me, and I surrender myself to the process. Sometimes, the traditional sayings of my forefathers are all I need to convey a deeper meaning. Other times, it’s the happy, fleeting moments of childhood innocence that resonate most; I find myself creating intricate patterns reminiscent of “connect-the-dots” games I played as a boy. The mixed media paintings often present a textured surface achieved through a combination of free hand calligraphy, photography, textiles, and oils. The multilayered surfaces mirror the memories, fears, and hopes that have affected my life’s journey; they are as intricate and varied as all the experiences of my life.”

Image: “Offerings”, mixed media oil on canvas, 48″x72″

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