Roeya Amigh


Work1 Title: There is no backtracking Year: 2015 Materials: Mixed media Dimensions: H  W  D Work2 Title: Detail of There is no backtracking Year: 2015 Materials: Mixed media Dimensions: H  W  D Work3 Title: Army of me Year: 2015 Materials: Mixed media Dimensions: H  W  D Work4 Title: Detail of Army of me Year: 2015 Materials: Mixed media Dimensions: H  W  D Work5 Title: Collision response Year: 2014 Materials: Mixed media Dimensions: H 66 W 59 D 18


When I start a piece, my process begins in a tedious and slow manner.  I render a large quantity of small drawings by gluing many small bits of thread together. I borrow text from the myths of the phoenix, dragon, and the Daeva as written by the Persian poets Rumi, Ferdowski, and Hafez and imagery from Persian miniatures. I cut many triangles of fabric. Then I incorporate structural elements of fabric and wood, and connect the drawings with these materials. I use every element in my work to create a different line.

All the elements in the work collectively give rise to their own narrative alongwith a retelling of my personal mythology.This forms a body of work in which numerous interpretations and outcomes are evoked. Certain recreated imagery and text carry over in future work, giving them a new meaning and history.

My work is concerned with a physical haptic relationship with the narrative. It is influenced by the space I am working in and its exterior and interior light. Utilizing inexpensive materials such as paper, thread, fabric and wood is important to me, as I am concerned with the fragile, temporal aspects of my work and uninterested in its preservation. Dedicating a significant amount of time to my practice results in work that will ultimately deteriorate.


MFA, Boston University, Boston, USA 2012
MFA, Central Azad University, Tehran, Iran, 2010
BFA, Science and Culture university, Tehran, Iran, 2007

Awards and Honors
Vermont Studio Center Fellowship, Vermont, 2015
Ruth Katzman Scholarship, NY, 2014
Elsewhere Studios Art Residency Grant, Paonia, Colorado, 2014
Constantine Alajalov Scholarship, Boston University, 2010-2012
Nominated by Joan Mitchell Foundation, MFA Grant Program, 2012

Solo Exhibition/ Publication
Commonwealth Gallery, Boston, MA, 2012
Artist Profile: Roeya Amigh, an Interview by The Orris: A Cultural Journal,, accessed on 02/20/14

Group Exhibition
Katonah Museum of art, Katonah, NY, 2015
The Record Company, Boston, MA, 2015
Macy Gallery, Columbia University, NYC, NY, 2014
Blue Sage Center For the Arts, Paonia, CO, 2014
The Green Point Gallery, NYC, NY, 2013
Sloane House Gallery (printmaking), Boston, MA, 2013
808 Gallery, Boston, MA, 2012
Print show, Sherman Gallery, MA,2012
Sherman Gallery, Boston, MA, 2011
Tribal Art, Hamill Gallery, Boston, MA, 2011
Sloane House Gallery (painting), Boston, MA, 2011

Art Residency
ArtHub Residency, Kingman, AZ, 2015
Vermont Studio Center, Vermont, 2015
Drop Forge and Tool Residency, Hudson, NY, 2015
BetterArts Residency, Redwood, NY, 2015
Contemporary Artists Center at Woodside, Troy, NY, 2014
The League Residency at Vyt, Hudson Valley, NY, 2014
Can Serrat Art Residency, Barcelona, Spain, 2014
Elsewhere Studios Art Residency, Paonia, Colorado, 2014

Work Experience
Image developer at Johns Hopkins University
-Center for Talented Youth
Research assistant at Harvard University
-Women’s Worlds in Qajar Iran