Riku Ikegaya

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Work1 Title: Home-Masquerade Year: 2011 Materials: Video,Wood Dimensions: H 250cm W 330cm Work2 Title: White Lie Year: 2012 Materials: Video,Sugar cube Dimensions: H 250cm W 330cm Work3 Title: Tracing Year: 2013 Materials: Video,Tracing paper Dimensions: H 250cm W 330cm Work4 Title: Controllable : Uncontrollable Year: 2015 Materials: Plaster,Post-it Dimensions: H 5cm W 450cm D 1500cm Work5 Title: Five drawings Year: 2014 Materials: Pencil,Watercolor pencil Dimensions: H 20cm W 100cm


In my artwork, I illustrate my fascination with the ideas of time, memory, and boundary. As an architect, experiencing the ideas of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction all in succession, I began to consider presenting the visible world with a space small and blank, an expression of time and memory, contained within a box called “home.” Through the invention of this domain, where a dividing wall places what is inside and what is outside into two parts in separate spaces above a boundary line,it not only works retrospectively, but I also take on a reconstructive process.In a technologically inclined age defined by the internet and increasingly superficial relationships, I attempt to access ideas that, although are a part of the world, only exist in an invisible layer. And even if it is only through art, I hold on, hopeful for the preservation of genuine human interaction.


◯Solo exhibition
2015 “Controllable : Uncontrollable” Creation Gallery Nihonbashi Hakozaki, Tokyo, JP
2015 “Drawings for Invisible Structure” Mitaka Yumeno Gallery, Tokyo, JP
2014 “The phase of city and specimen” Gallery OGUMAG, Tokyo, JP
2011 “0℃” Ouchi Gallery, NewYork, US

◯Group exhibition
2014 Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, US
2010 “UJADF Award exhibition” The Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, London, UK

2007 Tama Art University,Tokyo

Place: Berlin,Germany

Contact: ikegayariku@gmail.com

Website: http://riku-ikegaya.com