January 10 – March 7, 2014

Curated by Ginger Shulick Porcella
Artists: Seth Cohen, Colette Robbins, and Josh Slater

Opening Reception: Friday, January 10, 6-8PM
Artist and Curator Talk: Tuesday, February 4, 6-7: 30PM
Gallery Walk Through and Q&A with “Relic” curator and participating artists Seth Cohen, Colette Robbins, and Josh Slater

Screening of Josh Slater’s work/closing reception: Tuesday, March 4, 6-8pm
Video Screening of Josh Slater’s works “Untitled 1″, “Forever Vision”, and “Heavy Rays”, and closing reception for “Relic”­

ISE Cultural Foundation presents “Relic” a group exhibition curated by Ginger Shulick Porcella.

“Relic” is a three-person exhibition featuring the work of NYC-based artists Seth Cohen, Colette Robbins, and Josh Slater. “Relic” depicts a “future past”—a world that is simultaneously mythological, futuristic, alien, yet familiar. The art serves as unclear signifiers and monuments referencing past cultural events and archaeological sites, both real and imagined. The works in “Relic” are all imbued with a feigned surfeit of meaning, while being elevated to a supernatural state of distinction.

Seth Cohen’s vernacular sculptural forms explore the relationship between two opposite yet related classifications of object: the tchotchke and the fetish, while Colette Robbins’ series “Archaeological Fiction” consists of large graphite paintings depicting intricately textured, double-faced monolithic structures in rocky, sea-worn landscapes, evoking a mysterious connection between the heads and their environments. Similarly, Josh Slater draws inspiration from ancient architecture. Mixing concepts from science fiction, astronomy, and design, Slater’s never-before-seen collages and video “The Sleeper’s Eye” creates imagined historical narratives and worlds.

Image by Seth Cohen, “Grain Door”, foam, acrylic, and epoxy, 22″x16″x3″, 2010

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