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November 8, 2013 – January 3, 2014

Curated by Marie N. Guex
Artists: Michele Beck and Jorge Calvo

Opening Reception: Friday, November 8, 6-8PM
Performance Event I:
Saturday, November 9, 4:15 – 5:30PM
Vangeline Theater with dancers: Sindy Butz, Pamela Heron, Maiko Ikegaki, Azumi Oe, Margherita Tisato and Vangeline
Artists talk: Wednesday, November 20, 6-8PM
Michele Beck and Jorge Calvo will discuss their multidisciplinary work and the process of creating Passage.
Performance Event II: Saturday, December 7, 4:15 – 5:30PM
Yoonhye Park, Yuki Kawahisa, Jin-kang Park with Mario Gotoh, and Michele Beck & Jorge Calvo with Andrea Darriau, Sindy Butz, and Benedetta Valabrega

ISE Cultural Foundation presents an installation by Michele Beck and Jorge Calvo titled “Passage”, curated by Marie N. Guex.

Passage is an immersive audio and video installation that encompasses 1500 sq. ft. of the ISE gallery and is composed of 4- video projections, a surround sound audio and 3-tons of white marble chips.  The videos and sound run a  continuous 10-minute loop, which the audience can engage with at any point in the cycle. Passage is inspired by the Japanese rock garden Ryoan-ji in Kyoto, Japan and it’s questioning of linear time and commonly accepted notions of reality. For Passage, Beck and Calvo weave these conceptual  ideas into the installation using video projections and experimental sound compositions to create a bridge from the ancient rock garden to contemporary concerns about embodiment, memory and life cycles.

At the entrance of the installation the viewer comes upon a video of a pigeon that is flanked on either side by images of a standing figure. The pigeon video is projected onto a screen, creating the sense that the bird is flying in the gallery space.  The movement of the pigeon is drastically slowed down, giving the pigeon a chance to look directly into the camera and confront the viewer with its passionate, evocative gaze. Projected on to the sidewalls there are two videos of primordial figures that appear and disappear. These figure have no distinguishing facial features sexuality or gender. Their fleeting existence is reflected in the audio, which is structured around ambiguous sounds that stimulate a sense of memory, of something that is present, but no longer exists.  Projected onto the wall at the end of the gallery, is a video of windows opening onto a dry landscape.  These illusory windows offer a passage into an alternative reality and consciousness. The windows are covered with a red and blue plastic, which blows, sometimes softly and sometimes violently in response to the intensity of the wind.  The video loop last for approximately 10-minutes ending with images of water, which envelop the viewer.

Michele Beck and Jorge Calvo are multidisciplinary artists whose projects deconstruct the human psyche to some of its most primitive components and present broken-down forms of language, archaic sounds, emotional experiences, thoughts and psychological processes.  Michele and Jorge have shown their work at venues including the ICA in London, Bronx Museum, Queens Museum, Elizabeth Foundation, PS122, Galerie Chez Valentin in Paris and the Kassler Dokementarfilm und Videofest in Germany.  Michele received her BA from NYU and MFA from Parsons.  Jorge, a native of Costa Rica, studied experimental theater and photography in Sydney, Australia.  They have received grants from NYFA, LMCC and multiple residences at Yaddo. The artists live and work in New York City.

Image by Michele Beck and Jorge Calvo, Passage, 2013, video still
Installation view and Opening Reception
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Installation and performance photos by Benedetta Valabrega

Performance Event I
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Artist Talk
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Performance Event II
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