February 14 – March 15, 2014

Artist: Adehla Lee

Opening Reception:
Friday, February 14, 6-8PM

ISE Cultural Foundation is pleased to present a solo exhibition, “Nirvana”, by Adehla Lee at the Front Space.

Art Statement by Adehla Lee:

“I want my work to give the viewer a sense of visual pleasure through psychological intimidation.” –Adehla Lee

Adehla’s work reveals an extremely festive and deeply serious emotion at the same time, which can be named as a serious ceremony or magnificent ritual. Her inspiration comes from Korean Shamanism, reincarnation, the curiosity of after life, the process of organic decomposition, fantasy stories, and the experiences from working with the mentally ill when she was an art therapist.

Nirvana means any place of complete bliss, delight, and peace. Also according to the Buddhism, it is the ultimate realization about life. Even if Nirvana is just a notion, its existence of has always sparked Lee’s curiosity and fascination.

This exhibition focuses on Adehla’s current paintings, but she also works in installation. Painting is more about the visualization of her own imaginative world, while her installation is about the physical experience of her painting.

Image: “Magic Volcano” 2014, Acrylic on Canvas, 44″x 60″

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