Measure Measure


November 22, 2013 – January 3, 2014

Artist: Jay Hendrick

Opening Reception: Friday, November 22, 6-8PM

Art Statement by Jay Hendrick:
Jay Hendrick’s work is attempting to find a valid threshold between categories that resist blending. He tries to join modernist flatness with a “street art” vocabulary in an attempt at finding value in the “idea” of painting. His process is to paint on garbage produced by institutions, generally art schools. He has painted on discarded cardboard and, on undergrads’ discarded canvas paintings. He deploys erasure as a sign of doubt and analysis of systems. His work deploys a “geometric unseriousness.” Jay Hendrick’s imagery tries to blend together the dialogue seen all over the world that is taking place between those with power and those who write on the powerful’s walls. The vocabulary of the “other” erased by the obscuring painted squares of the powerful.

Hendrick received a Bachelors of Applied Studies in 2011 and a Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2012 at Abilene Christian University. He is currently working on an MFA at George Mason University in Washington D.C. His work has been shown in many states in the USA as well as Japan and England. Hendrick has traveled abroad in Italy, England, and France. His work has been featured in New American Paintings Issue 106.

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