Manju Shandler

Tsunami-1 Tsunami-2

Democratic-Bucephalus Medusas-Conquests Ezekiels-Nap

Work1 Title: Tsunami 1 Year: 2011 Materials: mixed media on polyester film Dimensions: H 63 W 42 D 1 Work2 Title: Tsunami 2 Year: 2011 Materials: mixed media on polyester film Dimensions: H 63 W 42 D 1 Work3 Title: Democratic Bucephalus Year: 2014 Materials: mixed media Dimensions: H 43 W 43 D 3 Work4 Title: Medusa’s Conquests Year: 2014 Materials: mixed media Dimensions: H 43 W 43 D 3 Work5 Title: Ezekiel’s Nap Year: 2014 Materials: mixed media Dimensions: H 43 W 43 D 3


I am a visual storyteller who communicates with the viewer through narrative imagery imbued with elastic meaning. I am creating a new visual mythology that explores the process of mankind corrupting the natural world in pursuit of progress. My narrative mixed media paintings and tapestries are a meditation on current events presented as a psychological landscape that build upon established storylines in pursuit of ordering madness in dense and complicated times.

I began the series TSUNAMI & LEVIATHANS just after the Japanese Tsunami and resulting nuclear instability in 2011. I was struck by how the devastation was compounded by human infrastructure and hunger for fuel, the images of water logged cars and crumbling nuclear power stations. Faced with this tragedy and disappointed in the lack of divine intervention, I composed TSUNAMI 1 & 2, juxtaposing imagery from Japanese photojournalism and Rapael’s The Triumph of Galatea. I mined the deeper significance of the cherubic infant putti by rendering babies swimming in the mire, questioning the future.

BEHEMOTH is a series of work that probes questions of nationalism and the psychological significance attached to the visual symbolism of flags. BEHEMOTH was a mythical creature described in the Book of Job as a manifestation of the almighty’s power. Here the BEHEMOTH becomes nationalism. By ordering and categorizing national character by types of government I am questioning the visual symbolism of flags and how the constructs of organized government inform contemporary society.
In these pieces I have used Greek statues, a symbol of democracy, wearing painted flag masks to render the nationalistic symbols meaningless, reminiscent of painted clowns or enthusiastic sports fans. As I delve into the weight of this topic I am faced with how to both honor history and patriotic identity while looking past the BEHEMOTH of nations to the individuals who comprise it.



Select Solo Exhibitions

2013     Governor’s Island Art Fair Governor’s Island, NYC Deus Ex Machina

2012    The Hammond Museum North Salem, NY  Legends & Leviathans

Governor’s Island Art Fair Governor’s Island, NYC Leviathans

2009    The LABA Gallery  NYC  Stories of the Apocalypse

2007    The Honfleur Gallery Washington DC  Gesture

2003       The Bergdorf Goodman Store Windows NYC Gesture

Select Group Exhibitions

2015    The Art Sprinter One Art Space, NYC  The Art Sprinter Prize Finalists

Gallery Ho Hong Kong China  The Affordable Art Fair

Central Bookings Lower East Side, NYC  Connections

2014    ISE Cultural Foundation Soho, NYC  Winners: New York Art Search

Gallery Ho Chelsea, NYC  The Affordable Art Fair

Gallery Ho Chelsea, NYC New Originals

The Cure8 Group Brooklyn, NYC  Autumn/Winter Salon

Concepto Hudson Hudson, NY  Soliloquy

Nonfiction Gallery Savannah, GA Common Knowledge

2013    The University of Rhode Island- Main Gallery Kingston, RI  25th Anniversary Sea Grant Exhibition

ISE Cultural Foundation Soho, NYC  New York Art Search 2013

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery New Orleans, LA  No Dead Artists

Masur Museum of Art  Monroe, LA  50th Annual Juried Exhibition

The LABA Theatre, East Village, NYC  DRUNK

2012    Denise Bibro/Women’s Caucus For Art Chelsea, NYC The Petroleum Paradox

New York Foundation for the Arts Brooklyn, NYC Bootstrap Festival

2011    Atelier MSK Amsterdam, The Netherlands Hell & High Water

2010    Alma Home for Hebrew Culture Tel Aviv, Israel Pardes

Visual Art Awards, Grants & Residences

2015    The Art Sprinter Prize Finalists

2013       Art Asset Award The ISE Cultural Foundation

2012          The University of Rhode Island  Sea Grant for Visual Artists

2011          New York Foundation for the Arts Artists As Entrepreneur

2008-11    LABA  Artist in Residence

2005          Makor  Artist in Residence

Bennington College

1995       Bachelor of Arts

Place: Brooklyn, NY