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Work1 Title: Mandorla Triptych Year: 2014 Material: Mixed Media, on wood panel. Paper, photo paper, fabric, lace, metal, wood, foam board, chip board, acrylic paint. Dimensions: H 30 W 24 D 2 Work2 Title: Mandorla Innocence Chapel Year: 2014 Material: Mixed Media on canvas board.  Photo paper, foam board, fabric, lace, wood, plastic, metal, sand, acrylic paint. Dimensions: H 20 W 16 D 1 Work3 Title: Mandorla Repentance Chapel Year: 2014 Material: Mixed Media on canvas board.Photo paper, foam board, fabric, lace, wood, plastic, metal, sand, acrylic paint.Dimensions: H 20 W 16 D 1 Work4 Title: Mandorla Sin I Year: 2013 Material: Digital C-Print Dimensions: H 20 W 16  Work5 Title: Mandorla Repentance II Year: 2013 Material: Digital C-Print Dimensions: H 20 W 16


I’ve always been fascinated by my surroundings and every single object in them.  As a child I intensely heard, smelled, tasted, felt and captured the nuances of the human experience more than the adults around me. I observed and reflected on my observations with an intensity that unnerved many. I wasn’t the kid who only saw shapes in the clouds, I saw shapes in everything.  All of the objects around me – tree bark, sidewalk cracks, paint chipping off walls, they all piqued my innate curiosity and my mind raced with alternate possibilities. It didn’t take much to inspire me to take my pencils and turn them into the vivid three-dimensional scenes I saw in my mind.

I used to go to antique stores with my mother and spend hours staring at the intricacies of old brooches, embroidered garments, drawer pulls, stamps, old books, magazines and even pens.  I appreciated their artistry and craftsmanship.  Most people just passed by those old dusty trinkets, but not me.  They fed my craving for visual decadence.  I collected and treasured them.  So much time and passion for detail had been put into them, that I just knew they had other lives, other stories to be a part of.  The more detailed, vibrant, or resilient the objects were, the livelier I imagined the stories to be.  It is that complexity, vibrance and decadence that I bring into the life of my art, hoping to inspire thought provoking emotions of wonder and excitement that I felt as a child.

My ultimate goal is to create a greater consciousness of the subconscious dialogues and scripts that have been fed to all of us by society, culture, and religion.  Through my art, I seek to connect and communicate with my community in a way that words can not. To also incite reflection, self-knowledge, and empowerment to help meet and interpret the challenges of living in today’s modern world.


Lilly Burgos

b. 1971, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY


2015         Renew, BWAC, Brooklyn, NY (Forthcoming)

2015         Face to Face, BWAC, Brooklyn, NY (Forthcoming)

2014    Outer Limits, BWAC, Brooklyn, NY

2013    Creatives Rising, See Me Gallery, LIC, NY

2013     Scapes, BWAC, Brooklyn, NY

2013    The Story of The Creative, See Me Gallery, LIC, NY

2013    On the Waterfront: 21st Annual Spring Pier Art Show, BWAC, Brooklyn, NY

2012     Art Takes Times Square, Artist Wanted, New York, NY
Selected as one of the 500 exhibiting artists out of 35,000 entries.
(Juried by Chashama Org., New York, NY)

2012    Collect NYC: Interactive Virtual Group Show, NYC Hive Festival, New York, NY
(curated by Prudence Groube, artist)


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Private Collection, Baltimore, Maryland
Private Collection, Fallston, Maryland

Place: Brooklyn, NY