Light In Motion


September 16 – October 30, 2009

Curated by Yuko Suzuki
Artists by Erik Guzman, Diane Landry, and Daniel Wapner

Opening Reception: Friday, September 18, 6-8PM
Artist Talk: Friday, October 2, 6-8PM

ISE Cultural Foundation is pleased to present “Light In Motion”, a Kinetic group exhibition curated by Yuko Suzuki, assistant director of ISE Cultural Foundation, and featuring work by Erik Guzman, Diane Landry, and Daniel Wapner.

The artists in this exhibition assemble action, shape, and texture in Kinetic Art. They depict light and shadow revolving in space. Each artist has their own theme and process to explore the relationship between light and motion. Making this exhibition was an exercise in continuous automation, changing the environment around the works, and illuminating different perceptions. Erik Guzman’s work revolves mechanically while emitting a strong pulsating light when triggered by the viewer. His work is constructed of organic forms taken from both Western and Eastern architectural tradition. Diane Landry creates patterns of light and shadow using recycled materials. In this way she transforms the meaning and purpose of these objects from ordinary to artistic beauty. Daniel Wapner’s work produces small motions, which permeate through the piece, evolving into sound and light. He uses found objects and depicts a flow of time.

Supported by 111 222

Image by Diane Landry, “Mandalas in Series Blue Decline” 2002, bottles of water, laundry basket, motors, aluminum, wood, halogen lamp, Installation view. Courtesy of Diane Landry

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