Life Drawing


October 19 – November 24, 2012

Artist: Minseop Yoon

ISE Cultural Foundation is pleased to present a solo exhibition “Life Drawing” by Minseop Yoon at the Front Space Gallery.

Artist Statement by Minseop Yoon:
Interiors that I am mostly interested in my drawings are places I am living and spending most of my time. In my interior drawings time becomes ambiguous without the presence of myself. I choose the furniture and objects for my own space and organize them based on my subjective preferences. They represent my usual habits, tastes and characteristics. My space and furniture of the room, regardless of my existence in there, tell the story about my life like a monologue for me. Then whenever I re-locate myself these objects come along with me or some of them are left behind reflecting of my new physical and mental transition. An empty space where there was no meaning becomes one which divulges my utility as a person who is living in this society.

The figure that was missing in my interior drawing shows up in my portrait drawings. I always see my physical self as a reflection of something such as a camera, or mirror, and I never see my own face as an objective object. This kind of reflection of myself is the evidence of my being right there at that moment, and I try to record the trace of my corporeal presence.

Image: “The Room” 2012, plastic rods, dimension variable