Lecture by Hiroko Nishida

“Kutani, but Fired in Arita”

- Discoveries from New Archeological Findings -

Old Kutani Ware: Fired not in Kutani, but in Arita

ISE Cultural Foundation NY is pleased to present a special lecture “Kutani, but Fired in Arita: Discoveries from New Archeological Findings” by Hiroko Nishida from Japan.


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Hiroko Nishida, The Nezu Museum


Born in Tokyo. Nishida is the former Deputy Director and Chief Curator of the Nezu Museum in Tokyo. Currently she is the Adviser/Special Consultant of the Nezu Museum. Specialized in Asian Ceramics History. She graduated from Keio University in Tokyo and Oxford University in England, received Ph.D. in Philosophy. Nishida additionally studied in Holland, England, and South Korea after she worked for the Tokyo National Museum.  Her publications include “Kutani” and “Tenmoku” among others.


Takeshi Watanabe

Takeshi Watanabe received his Ph.D. in 2005 in pre-modern Japanese literature from Yale University. Watanabe’s recent areas of research include Japanese tea culture, the historical literature of the Heian period, 11th to 12th-century diaries written in Chinese by Japanese courtiers, Japanese food culture and cultural exchange in East Asia. Currently Watanabe is the Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies at Wesleyan University.

Presented by: ISE Cultural Foundation NY

Place: Rose Room (2F) at The Nippon Club, 145 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019

Date: Friday, October 28, 2016

Time: 6:30-8:00PM  (Open: 6:00PM, Start: 6:30PM)

Special Thanks: Ms. Miyeko Murase, Mr. Yoshikado Shimizu (The Hokuriku Bank, LTD.)

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