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listen2014 listen-II-remains-2015 W.O.M.D the-lost-girl-2004 t.c.od_

Work1 Title: Listen Year: 2014 Materials: cast ciment fondu , fibre glass with polystyrene core. Dimensions: H 15+ life W size heads D & ear Work2 Title: Listen II -remains Year: 2015 Materials: cast ciment fondu , fibre glass with polystyrene core. Dimensions: H 20+ life W size heads D Work3 Title: W.O.M.D II -Target Year: 2012 Materials: HD polystyrene and concrete base Dimensions: H 1000mmh W 280mmd D -16 sculpt Work4 Title: The LOST GIRL Year: 2004 Materials: nine ceramic –raku sculptures, laser image. Dimensions: H 460mmheigh W  D 120mm dia Work5 Title: THE COMING OF DARKNESS -Red series_2 Year: 2010 Materials: oil paint & ink on hanging prime cotton canvas. Dimensions: H 1550mm W 1000mm D


My sculptures and installations composed of everyday materials—from polystyrene, glass and concrete to ceramics.

It’s a commentaries on politics, consumer culture, and the process of social perception, exploring my proclaimed interest in the personal yet universal challenges of war.

I like to defy the convention of sculpture as standalone, constructing often-expansive works that respond to or reflect their environments. As the British 1993 Turner Prize winner Rachel Whiteread once said, “I don’t want to make plop art—sculpture that just gets plopped down in places.”

My recent site specific installations -Listen (2014-2015)creates multi-layered relationships between site and allegory that imagine our world at the end of the human race and its aftermath.

It refuse to be a moral guide but absolutely insists on the centrality and importance of the work as a vehicle for feeling. The focus is expressing the vulnerability and dependency not only within ourselves but on the natural systems of our environment.

My dramatic illustrative paintings are a referenced from the ancient relief sculptures taken from the walls of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, My paintings reflects a sketchy and spontaneous play with the typology of historic illustrations that reflects my interests in Eastern Asian and Western Islamic art. I utilises the ancient imagery to narrate, reflect and attempt to raise questions about contemporary warfare, the answers to which I hopes lies somewhere beyond the imagination.


2006 finalist – The Norsewear Art Award -NZ
2005 finalist – vodafone National digital art award – NZ
2004 finalist – 13th Annual Wallace Art Award -NZ
2004 finalist – national award for innovation in ceramic sculpture

2015 special issue of Visual Anthropology,
2015 Studio Visit Magazine Spring edition 2015, Chicargo
2012 Art New Zealand: number 145/ Autumn 2013
2004 -Live radio interview, NZ
2003 ‘ The Red Cross ’ -painting series:
- A feature story in the NZ Herald
- TV interview/feature story on the breakfast show
- Radio Interview on National Radio, NZ

2011 -‘Bath Street Gallery/ Auckland
2005 -2006 -Ea Gallery/ Auckland
2004  – Aotea Center/ Auckland
2004  -Debut and Modus – Auckland
2003  -Spiral Gallery/ Auckland
2003  -Aotea Center/ Auckland

SELECTED – exhibtions
2016 April – Pen and Brush Gallery -29 East 22nd Street, New York, USA.
2016 – Lorne Sculpture Biennale 2016 -Melbourne, Australia.
2015 -Sculpture at Scenic World 2015 – Blue Mountains- Australia
2014 – Bath Street Gallery/ Auckland
2014 – sculpture on shore, Auckland
2014  -Legato exhibition, Cassino -Italy
2013 – Bathstreet Gallery –Auckland
2012 -Waitakaruru Sculpture Park. -Hamilton
2012 – sculpture on shore, Auckland
2006 -2008  international touring exhib:
2006 Muse gallery, Sydney -Australia
2007 -Objectspace -Auckland
2007 The Mary e black gallery – Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
- Coda Museum- Peldoorn, Netherlands
2008 Germany
2007 – Bath Street Gallery, Auck
2005 – HSP  gallery, Christchurch
2005- Disruptive  Gallery, Auck
2004 – Wallace trust gallery, Auck & the Dowse Museum, LH

1994 -Architecture and Design -Victoria University, Wgton, NZ
1995-1997 Bachelor of Design -Victoria University, Wgton, NZ

private & public collections- national & international

Place: Australia