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Work1 Title: M102 Year: 2012 Materials: Charcoal, Pastel, Oil on Mylar Dimensions: H 70 W 36 D 0.04 Work2 Title: Flamingo Bailando Year: 2013 Materials: Charcoal, Pastel, Oil, Enamel on Mylar Dimensions: H 48 W 30 D 0.04 Work3 Title: Fluid Obscure 2 Year: 2014 Materials: Charcoal, Pastel, Oil, Tempera on Mylar Dimensions: H 30 W 28 D 0.04 Work4 Title: Ink-101 Year: 2015 Materials: Ink, Charcoal, Pastel, Oil, Enamel, Tempera on Mylar Dimensions: H 50 W 46 D 0.04 Work5 Title: Ink-104 Year: 2015 Materials: Ink, Charcoal, Pastel, Oil, Enamel, Tempera on Mylar Dimensions: H 28 W 28 D 0.04


Life has always seemed to me like a plant that lives on its rhizome.
– Carl G. Jung

Painting for me, is an act to uncover my root, and trace what is beneath in many different level, buried as memories, dreams, or flashes of images and ideas.
My work is a combination of drawing, painting, dripping, splashing and pouring. Drawing allows me to dig deeper, guided by intuition. Painting gives fluid layers which creates various colors and shades. It is pure abstraction with no figurative reference.
Layers of lines, marks, and paint overlap to reveal my process in each moment. The physicality of drawing and painting, in immersing my whole body in the work is fundamental; it also gives audience to experience the sense of being drawn in to the piece.
My work is a bridge between physical process and mental or spiritual state, and between individual and collective consciousness.



School of Visual Arts, New York, NY – Fine Arts     1997
Studio School, New York, NY – Painting    1994
Saga Art College, Kyoto, Japan – Visual Design    1984


“New Unconscious” SciArt Center – New York, NY June 2015
WAH Bridges Self at WAH Center – New York, NY    May 2015
New York Art Expo – New York, NY    April 2015
“PHANTASMAGORIA” – Kunsthall Project, Brooklyn, NY    April 2015
16th Annual WAH Salon Art Club Show at WAH Center – New York, NY    January-February, 2015
“Over the Edge: Paperworks Unbound Part2” at WAH Center – New York, NY    December 2014
The Fridge – Miami, FL    December 2014
“Over the Edge: Paperworks Unbound Part1” at WAH Center – New York, NY    October 2014
“Money Shot” at Con Artist Collective – New York, NY    July 2014
Plaza 57 – New York, NY    July 2013
Puzzle Project – Osaka, Japan    March 2012
Puzzle Project – Toronto, Canada    July 2010
Exit Art- 9/11 Benefit Exhibitions, New York, NY    December 2001
Art Benefit for Sept.11 Fund – New York, NY    October 2001
School of Visual Art – Student Exhibition    October 1997


Honorable Mention by (UN)SCENE Art Show
March 2015
Tom Cat Bakery Headquarters, Long Island City, NY    April 2011
Works held in private collections in the United States, Japan and Czech Republic.


Collaboration Projects with Daniel Stern and Tom Jezeck    2000 – 2004


Con Artist Collective    2014 to present
Artists Salon – Tom Jezeck, Michelle Gorenstein, Michelle De Franco    2003 – 2004
Nancy Chun (School of Visual Arts)                                                                                   1995 – 1997
Oprah Schemesh (New York Studio School) – Private class                                               1988 – 1990

Place: Queens, NY

Contact: kayo.albert@gmail.com

Website: http://www.kayoalbert.com