Shizuka Ueda

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Work 1 Title: Leaves of Monstera Year: 2010 Material :Water Color Dimensions: H 85 W 85 D  Work 2 Title: A leaf like a croquette Year: 2010 Material :Water Color Dimensions: H 85 W 85 D  Work 3 Title: The Root Lamps Year: 2010 Material :Water Color Dimensions: H 28.8 W 37.9 D Work 4
Title: The Root Woolen yarn Year: 2010 Material :Water Color Dimensions: H 28.8 W 37.9  Work 5 Title: Leaves like a grape Year: 2010 Material: Water Color Dimensions: H 60 W 85 D


Lots, lots, lots of various kinds of leaves are living seeking for Sunlight & water,
the attitude of no concern with being happy nor being unhappy,
Just living for their lives, nothing to do with being happy nor unhappy,
very impressive with their gentle strength.

Under any circumstances,
they just simply focus on surviving.

leaves as they are,
we, shall have the same strength as they do.

Having strength in our hearts,
We could be kind-hearted, and could protect ourselves, loving ones, loving things.

Thanking to lots, lots, lots of leaves,
which enlighten me about what the most important thing in life is.


◎ Group Exhibition
2008 ”The square inch” in Japan」(thorn tree gallery/Gallery hook)
2010 Zojirushi × NODE Collaboration exhibition 「The power of Art ~D-mug Cafe~」(rieta nero)
2012 「Square Graphic art exhibition vol.6」(RECTO VERSO GALLERY)
2012 「HAGOITA Exhibition ~Hagoita by 28 creators」(Black bird White bird)

◎ Solo Exhibition
2000 「Purified」(Kobe, Japan)
2003 「Shizuka’s drops」(Lim Gallery)
2004 「Unyielding spirit」(ROCKET)
2005 「Shielding you!」(SPACE INTART)
2008 「Prayer  ~Pieces of happiness~」(SPACE INTART)
2010 「Leaves ~Vividly refreshing~」(ars gallery)
2012 「Shizuka Ueda Exhibition」(Merry J)

◎ Award
2010 「TOKYO GRAPHIC PASPORT 2010」  first prize

Place: Osaka,Japan