Sarah E. Jacobs

Ethosphere-smaller-brighter Ethosphere-13 ethosphere_5 ethosphere_6 Ethosphere+11

Work1 Title: Odalisque 1 Year: 2016 Materials: oil on canvas Dimensions: H 31 W 74 D
Work2 Title: Ethosphere 13 Year: 2016 Materials: oil on canvas Dimensions: H 53 W 42 D
Work3 Title: Ethosphere 5 Year: 2014 Materials: oil on canvas Dimensions: H 69 W 52 D
Work4 Title: Ethosphere 6 Year: 2014 Materials: oil on canvas Dimensions: H 45 W 92 D
Work5 Title: Ethosphere 11 Year: 2015 Materials: oil on canvas Dimensions: H 42 W 42 D


I have traveled and relocated many times. I took part in artist residencies in Colombia and Germany, I lived for three years and gained citizenship in the UK, and I have also spent extended periods of time in Italy and Central America. World travel has been a major influence on my art. I have sometimes been inspired by local traditions or ways of life that I’ve experienced in diverse places, but increasingly the compounded experience of often moving and adapting has given me a wide-view in which I have come to see different elements of society, philosophy, and the world at large interacting and changing in ways that are awe-inspiring; alluring and exciting, yet frightening in their volatility.

Traditional and contemporary patterns gathered locally and from around the globe collide and change one another in dramatic, often swirling compositions. I use visual patterns to represent modes of thought or patterns of living.  We each categorize and frame the mystery of existence in unique ways, we tell ourselves stories, but our paradigms usually do not easily accommodate those of others. These painted interactions speak of the complexity and beauty in discovering, navigating, and adapting to new philosophies. The paintings hope to illustrate the possibility of creating something fresh by combining or adapting extant ideas.

My work, although it looks hard-edged, perhaps computer generated from a distance, is meticulously hand-painted. This obsessive devotional aspect of its production is essential because the subject matter, although hopeful, relates to human vulnerability.


New York City, USA
USA & naturalized British citizenships
Previously Represented by RandallScottProjects from  2014 – 2016


MFA in Studio Art, Hoffberger School at the Maryland Institute College of Art, MD, 2010
BA in Art History, Gettysburg College, PA,2006, (Phi Beta Kappa honor society, Magna Cum Laude)
Living/Traveling in Italy, France, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Belize, Mexico, Colombia, Germany, Spain, and Poland,
2005 & 2010-2014


2015 – 2016

Our Stories (solo) RandallScottProjects, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, curated by Randall Scott
Ethosphere (solo) Phaze 2 Gallery, Shepherd University, West Virginia, USA, curated by Evan Boggess
Expand/Collapse (2-person) Scott Center Gallery, Westminster, MD, exhibition with Robyn Jacobs, curated by Margaret Ball


Complication & Simplicity (2-person) Stone Space Gallery, London, 2-person exhibition with Natalie Dunham,  curated by The Stone Space board
Ethosphere (solo) Galeria U, Wroclaw, Poland, curated by Dominika Łabąd
Ethosphere (solo) West Gallery at Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA, curated by John Kovaleski
Ethosphere 6 (solo, installation) Bristol Cathedral, Bristol, UK, curated by Jordan Kelly

2009 – 2010

Declawed (solo) Marcus Boyd, Baltimore
Kisses in the Trophy Room (2-person) Gunnar Galleries, Gettysburg, PA, exhibition with Michel Modell,      curated by Adrian Sauers

2007 – 2008

Dionysus and Friends (solo) Angelfalls Studios II, Baltimore
Mother-Daughter (2-person) Penn State, Mount Alto, Exhibition with Robyn Jacobs



ACAC Annual Juried Exhibition, (juried annual) Schmucker Gallery, Gettysburg, PA, curated by John Shipman
Won: People’s Choice Award & Third Place Overall


Misfit Toys, RandallScottProjects, Baltimore, MD, curated by Randall Scott
Ignis Fatuus: Dreams & Delusions, Mehta Bell Projects at Lights of Soho for Start Art Fair, London

Place: New York, NY