Richard Jochum

atlas collaborativesilver crosswordproject halt immersivesurface

Work1 Title: Crossword Project Year: 2014 ongoing Materials: interactive animation Dimensions: H  W  D
Work2 Title: Collaborative Silverware Year: 2010 Materials: Installation with 2 performers, 1 table, 2 chairs, 2 plates, food, and elongated silverware (3 feet) Dimensions: H  W  D
Work3 Title: Atlas Year: 2016 Materials: video performance Dimensions: H  W  D
Work4 Title: Immersive Surfaces Year: 2011 Materials: video projection mapping Dimensions: H  W  D
Work5 Title: Halt Year: 2007 Materials: video performance Dimensions: H  W  D


I am a post-minimalist and post-conceptual sculptor and media artist drawing from a vast variety of media and artistic practices reaching from land and public art to social sculptures, installation, photography, video, and artist’s books. To cross boundaries has proven typical for my artistic practice over the years in its attempt to explore and bridge diversity in media, technology, and the arts. I believe in the power of art; rather than in decoration. I think art continually has to find new imagery for the time we live in. For the conditions and issues we deal with: existentially, politically, physically, and globally. Searching such images is what I am aiming for.


Richard Jochum is a media artist with a strong focus on video, video installation, performance and conceptual photography. An Austrian citizen, Richard received his MA in philosophy from the University of Innsbruck, and his PhD from the University of Vienna. He got his MFA in sculpture and media art from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna before he moved first to Berlin and later to New York. He has shown his work in more than 130 exhibitions worldwide and is represented by Gallery Bundo in South-Korea. He is a studio member of the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in New York and currently a Creative Resident in the Harvestworks Technology, Engineering, Art and Music T.E.A.M. Lab. An associate professor at Teachers College, Columbia University, he oversees the new Creative Technologies Curriculum as part of the Art and Art Education Program.

Place: New York, NY