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Work1 Title: WINGED GENIUS Year: 2013 Materials: OIL ON CANVAS Dimensions: H 27 W 43 D 1
Work2 Title: GLORIOUS BASTARDS Year: 2013 Materials: OIL ON CANVAS Dimensions: H 60 W 60 D 1
Work3 Title: ATLANTES Year: 2014 Materials: ACRYLIC ON CANVAS Dimensions: H 60 W 60 D 1
Work4 Title: ADAM & EVE Year: 2001 Materials: LAMBDA PRINT Dimensions: H 15 W 11 D
Work5 Title: WINDOW Year: 2001 Materials: LAMBDA PRINT Dimensions: H 15 W 11 D


The paintings I am working on now, male and female nudes, are symbolic characters trying to express emotion and drama. Some of my paintings have a mythological component, and represent a fantastic approach to the world.

As for my art technique – many of the works are made in gray tones, in a technique reminiscent of “grisaille” (the method by which a painting is executed entirely in tones of gray so that it produces the illusion of sculpture or relief) that come in contrast with the background or other colored elements. The result is a sculptural shape that despite gray tones exudes a certain passion and the feeling of fantastic. My paintings focus on the human body without erotic connotations.

The bodies are thus revealed leaving us to see what was hidden under layers of colors and of successive transparent layers of painting in traditional painting technique of layering. Color dresses them partially. Postmodernism brings gods in everyday life.

In the other cycle of paintings – “Nudes” – I try to remove the boundary between inner and outer beauty. My nudes are not a specific person, but beauty itself, as a symbol of moral goodness. My visual approach aims to get rid of everything that is perishable in nature, revealing what lies deeper, namely the shine of inner beauty.
The message of my works is actually the result of my personal searches, lessons and stages I’ve gone through.


With a professional background in Architecture and in Fine Arts, I‘ve dedicated myself lately to painting only. Working in my studios in New York and Bucharest. I came along through several stages, I completed my PhD in Visual Arts, and finally I turned to the human figure in painting, as subject and ideal.