Ouma (Tomoko Omata) / Cell artist

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Work1 Title: What lets me live for. Year: 2016 Materials: Acrylic on Japanese paper, 2016 Dimensions: H 254cm W 285cm D 300cm
Work2 Title: Her letter only says “yes” Year: 2016 Materials: Japanese ink on Newspapers from Kronstadt, Saint Petersburg, Russia and Acrylic on Japanese paper Dimensions: H 250cm W 1200cm D 336cm
Work3 Title: Stones and YOU Year: 2016 Materials: Aclyric on Stones in Hohenstein, Germany Dimensions: H changeable W  D
Work4 Title: Wood and YOU Year: 2016 Materials: Acrylic on board (painting both sides) Dimensions: H 45cm W 90.5cm D 1cm
Work5 Title: The World Ⅲ Year: 2015 Materials: Mixed Media, Dimensions: H 100 W 120 D 160


My profession being a veterinarian, I am missioned to heal people by treating their pets. I aim, as my vocational quest to future healthcare, to creating “therapeutic” works of art from “celluar” views which help the veiwers experience their natural healing potential enhanced.
Our world is the Only One Planet Earth. The Spaceship Earth in itself, with all the lives and things its crew, is indeed the Gaia, the whole single maternal life. Therefore, Individual life-forms, humans and others, respectively are the cells which are composing our world as the one living body. This is how the world appears to me, my unfettered perception to which I have come to reach gradually but steadily through my long veterinarian practice.
Letting the each and every cell, organic or inorganic, sparkle, shine radiantly with their respective properties fully activated! Then, we will gain and enjoy the whole beautiful world in her every components in a perfect harmony of beauty.
I am trying to express the whole world as one life by creating works which enable a viewer to experience them and become aware of his/her existence and which live and wither, as if they were lifeforms, while interacting with the natural environment.

The cutting edge art shows the world after 200 years.
That’s why art is innovative and we can see the unexplainable world before prove them theoretically. I’ll show you that there are no “Death” and “Comparison” in the world.


Solo Exhibitions
“Her letter only says “yes”.”, Art-League gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia. (April 24)
“Cellular”, Werner Thöni Artspace (WTA), Barcelona, Spain (March 3 – 19)
“The will for changing the world”, Gallery Natsumikan Daikanyama, Tokyo, Japan (September 4 – September 13)
“After Big Five”, Unac Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan (April 8 – April 18)
“OM”,  Ouchi gallery, New York, USA (July 29 – August 3)
“Mi”,  Gallery coen, Kanagawa, Japan (May 13 – Jun 1)
The art of “self‐healing and self‐certification”, UNAC Tokyo, Tokyo (January 10 – 24)

Group Exhibitions
Curves & Lines, Linus Gallery LA (February, Selected online Exhibition)
Homing Pigeon「3rd, Yokohama」, Nitehi works 509kadoue (Yokohama, Japan)(October 27 – November 2)
The Senses, Linus Gallery, Los Angeles (March, Selected online Exhibition)
Pop up art show, Los Angeles (March 15 – March 31)
Onward – Navigating the Japanese Future 2013 by Artrates, Hive Gallery, Los Angeles(December 19 – 28)
ACTLABO X 2013 Final by The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo×C/LABORATORY, Tokyo (December 13 – 15)
ACTLABO X 2013 by The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo×C/LABORATORY, Tokyo (October 15 – 20)

“Residence in the Gallery” The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Tokyo (July 10 – August 2)

ALTE SCHULE, Hohenstein, German (May 10 – 31)
NCCA Art Residence Kronstadt, St Petersburg, Russia (April 4 – 26)
Werner Thöni Artspace, Barcelona, Spain (January 5 – March 23)

Granship art competition 2016, Encouragement award, Japan
PM AWARDS CONTEST 2014, Landscapes, Ecology,Travel/Tourism Best photographer of the year, Uruguay
Granship art competition 2014, Encouragement award, Japan

Place: Tokyo, Japan

Contact: art@ouma.in

Website: http://oumavet.com