Naoko Ohmura 2

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Work1 Title: Yoshino River Year: 2015 Materials: Rice Paper, Indian ink Dimensions: H 270cm W 70cm D
Work2 Title: Poke Year: 2016 Materials: Rice Paper, Indian ink Dimensions: H 50cm W 60.6cm D
Work3 Title: Egg Year: 2016 Materials: Rice Paper, Indian ink Dimensions: H 50cm W 70cm D 50cm
Work4 Title: Shibuya River Year: 2016 Materials: Rice Paper, Indian ink Dimensions: H 150cm W 70cm D 60cm
Work5 Title: to tell fortunes Year: 2016 Materials: Rice Paper, Indian ink Dimensions: H 14.8cm W 10cm D


I’d like to express the importance of each moment through the world of a mysterious Japanese calligraphy.
It is taboo to trace the same line again in Japanese calligraphy. It is same as your life. You can never return your past. As tools and materials of Japanese calligraphy are made from natural things, your lines are influenced by a lot of things; temperature, air humidity, water, your mental condition, skill and so on. Your work is a result of association of various things. That is the reason why you can never make the same work again. My theme of works is focusing on “just now”. No one can meet this moment twice, all things are in flux and nothing is permanent.
[My Work]
I’d like to hand down Japanese calligraphy culture next generation.
Through Japanese calligraphy, I’d like to make dreams of many people come true.
[My Dream]
My dream is activation of the Japanese calligraphy culture.
“Washi”, Japanese papers, was registered with the UNESCO,
but there are few people knowing how “Washi” has been used in Japan.
I’d like to introduce the Japanese calligraphy that is the traditional art using “Washi” to  people thorough the world.
I’d like to to enjoy Japanese calligraphy with people thorough the world.


Japanese Calligraphy artist
Certificated English tour guide
My teacher is Mr, Taisen Murano
Calligraphy teacher of junior high and high schools
Tsukuba University graduate school (science of arts master)
【Exhibition】Latest years
2013.08 Private Exhibition in Kichijoji, Tokyo
2014.08 Group Exhibition with my classmate of Tsukuba
2014.10 Kagurazaka Art Square
2015.06 Private Exhibition in Shibuya, Tokyo
2015.07 Private Exhibition in Kamakura
2015.10 HaNarArt
2016.05 Private Exhibition in Harajuku, Tokyo
2016.05 Group Exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo
2016.08 Private Exhibition in Kotenmacho, Tokyo
2016.09 Private Exhibition in Nishiazabu, Tokyo
2016.10 Group Exhibition in Yokohama
【Lecturer Career】
Japanese calligraphy teacher in Tokyo private junior high school and Senior High School.
Calligraphy Lesson for foreign tourists in Tokyo
Calligraphy experience with students from Geneva
Calligraphy class for physically challenged persons
【Awards, Prizes and licenses】
03.2011 High school teaching certificate of the calligraphy
02.2012 White Snow Red Plum Prize (Shodo Geijutsu-in Exhibition)
10.2014 Prize of the Chrysanthemum flower (Shodo Geijutsu-in Exhibition)
07.2014 Award of excellence (Mainichi shodo-ten)
10.2014 Member of examination committee of the vanguard calligraphy in Shodo Geijutsu-in
02.2015 tour guide licensed for guiding foreigners in Japan(English)
07.2015 Award of excellence (Mainichi shodo-ten)

Place: Tokyo, Japan