Morgan O’Hara

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Work1 Title: LIVE TRANSMISSION: KASHIWAGI SOBA MASTER Year: 2001 Materials: graphite on Bristol paper Dimensions: H 28 inches W 38 inches D
Work2 Title: ROBLEDO PERCUSSIONIST Year: 2013 Materials: flat black acrylic paint on white wall Dimensions: H 15 feet W 40 feet D
Work3 Title: OKINAWA RINKEN BAND Year: 2002 Materials: graphite on Bristol paper Dimensions: H 14 inches W 17 inches D
Work4 Title: KUNG FU BATTLE Year: 2005 Materials: flat black acrylic paint on white wall Dimensions: H 13.1 feet W 24.6 feet D
Work5 Title: JT LEWIS PERCUSSIONIST Year: 2008 Materials: graphite on Bristol paper Dimensions: H 14 inches W 17 inches D


LIVE TRANSMISSION: conceptually based performative drawing

I am interested in the human experience of time and space. My work is culturally contextualized in the practice of drawing as a fundamental human endeavor and is continuous with the time-honored practice of drawing from life. It requires connection, direct observation and LIVE TRANSMISSION. I draw from and build on the historical continuum of the field. Through this work, I transcend the arbitrary “oppositions” between abstract and figurative art, between purely gestural expression and documentary intent, creating narrative work which results in a final product which is not figurative. The drawings themselves become a third actor or mediator in the experience. That which was beneath notice becomes concretized on the page as the paper receives the image.

The method I have developed requires close observation and actual drawing in real time with multiple razor-sharp pencils and both hands. Simultaneous to an action taking place, I condense movement into accumulations of graphite line, combining the controlled refinement of classical drawing with the sensuality of spontaneous gesture. My LIVE TRANSMISSIONS render visible normally invisible or fleeting movement patterns, through seismograph-like drawing. The time-space coordinates for each drawing are written across the bottom of each page, thus contextualizing each activity in a specific continuum and geographic place.


My site-specific wall drawings are based on the LIVE TRANSMISSIONS which are projected onto a large wall, using the architectural elements and the function of a given space to determine concept, scale and position. The spaces between the lines are then painted by a team of volunteers using flat black house paint on the white wall. The large scale site-specific drawing charges the energy in a given space by bringing to life a concept and image related to that specific place.



Mitchell Algus Gallery, New York
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile
Tenri Cultural Institute, New York
Galeria Skolska 28, Prague, Czech Republic
Centre d”Art Contemporain Project Room, Geneva, Switzerland
Gallery Operation Table  Kitakyushu, Japan
Galerie Früsorge, Berlin, Germany
Center for Recent Drawing, London
Nha San Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam
Alterna y Corriente, Mexico City, LIVE TRANSMISSION: site specific wall drawings
Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, New York
Museu de Arte de Macau, Macau, China
Gallery 360, Tokyo, Japan
The Drawing Room at the Drawing Center, New York

AWARDS (selected)

Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant
Adolph and Esther Gottleib Foundation Fellowship
Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant
Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant
MacDowell Colony / Leon Levy Foundation
David and Rosamond Putnam Travel Fund
Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, New York


Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, Arkansas
The British Museum, London
Cranbrook Art Museum, Detroit, Michigan
Czech National Gallery, Prague
Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, California
Hood Museum of Art – Dartmouth College, New Hampshire
Janacek Museum, Brno, Czech Republic
Macau Art Museum, Macau, China
Moravian Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
Olomouc Museum of Art, Czech Republic
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Weatherspoon Gallery, North Carolina USA


Gallery Mitchell Algus, New York  Photography, Concept, Performance, Documentation, Drawing, Language
Cranbrook Art Museum, Detroit, Michigan The Cranbrook Salon, My Brain is in My Inkstand
Columbus Museum, Columbus, Georgia, USA  Let There Be Art!
Schema Projects, Brooklyn, New York  BABEL
BankART Studios NKT, Yokohama, Japan International Womens’ Art Forum

Place: New York, NY