Mikhail Torich

Mikhail_Torich_2AM Mikhail_Torich_AMANDA_LEPORE Mikhail_Torich_LADY_BUNNY Mikhail_Torich_KAREEM Mikhail_Torich_PEPPERMINT

Work1 Title: 2AM Year: 2016 Materials: mixed media on canvas Dimensions: H 40 W 30 D 1
Work2 Title: Amanda Lepore / the Melt Year: 2015 Materials: Acrylic and mixed media on canvas Dimensions: H 30 W 24 D 2
Work3 Title: Lady Bunny / the Mess Year: 2015 Materials: mixed media on canvas Dimensions: H 30 W 24 D 2
Work4 Title: Kareem / the Clown Year: 2015 Materials: mixed media on canvas Dimensions: H 30 W 24 D 2
Work5 Title: Dollar in my Titty Year: 2015 Materials: mixed media on canvas Dimensions: H 30 W 40 D 2


As a Russian man who worked in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Berlin, Miami, Los Angeles and New York City, I’ve been always fascinated by the forms of Art that involve Social Studies.
Multi-culturalism and diversity mean different things in Russia, Europe and the US and it is for this reason all of my video art, digital art and fine art work has been dedicated to interdisciplinary and interracial studies. Multimedia manipulated art and mixed-media on canvas allow incredible variety of themes and styles, yet staying focused on the main topics of today’s society – fame, ambition, social niche, questionable values coming along with success – or, values coming with specific success rejection and alienation. My works – on canvas or projection screen – are made to start a conversation. In over 15 years of travels I’ve collected impressive library of images, photos, video footage which I utilize in convenient manner to deliver the vision. MFA in Media-Design, I’ve received classical fine art training in St.Petersburg, Russia along with digital savviness achieved in Berlin and stirred in a mix of vivid New York art scene.


Mikhail Torich, video artist and award-winning filmmaker, Master of Fine Arts in Media-Design, international music video director, photographer and visual artist. His over 15 year artistic work spans across Russia and Germany and into the United States.

Experimental short film “Nothing”, directed and produced by Mikhail Torich has been featured & screened at 2013 Cannes Film Festival, France, underground independent musical film “Testo”, also directed and produced by Mikhail Torich has received the “Best Experimental Film – 2012″ award at the 3d annual “International World Music and Independent Film Festival” in Washington, DC and “Honorary Mention Award” at 3d annual 2013 Los Angeles New Wave Film Festival.

In 2011 his video art film “Hold Me Closer” has been officially selected to become a part of the Short-List at the annual Cologne-OFF festival, which resulted in worldwide showcases all over the world, including Mexico Museum of Modern Art, Belgrade, Cologne, Koln, Kiev, Habana and many more. “Hold Me Closer” has been selected along with around 40 others out of more than 700 international submissions.

As a video artist, Mikhail Torich is a recipient of a prestigious “Best Artist Piece and performance 2011″ for his Live-Mix Video Art performance at the annual Re:Vision showcase by Forward Motion Theater at the Tank Theater, New York.

Studio Photography and Editorial shoots by Mikhail Torich featured the most influential characters of todays world and media – he photographed Anna Wintour, Mikhail Gorbachov, Julianne Moore and many more.

Currently, Torich is running a cutting-edge sensory-stimulating interactive digital visual art and movement showcase SynthesisRGB, launched in Summer 2016 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.

Place: Brooklyn, NY

Contact: mtorich@gmail.com

Website: http://torich.nyc/start.html