Michelle Weinberg

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Work1 Title: Painting Studio Year: 2014 Materials: gouache on paper Dimensions: H 39 W 27 D 0

Work2 Title: Intricate Pattern Overlay Year: 2014 Materials: exterior latex paint mural, Wolfsonian Museum, Miami Beach Dimensions: H 25′ W 175′ D 0

Work3 Title: Stage Left/Center Stage Year: 2015 Materials: gouache and rubber stamp on paper, diptych Dimensions: H 25″ W 17″ D 0

Work4 Title: Storyboard (detail) Year: 2016 Materials: gouache and rubber stamp on paper Dimensions: H 10″ W 8″ D 0

Work5 Title: Exit the Fun House Year: 2016 Materials: gouache and rubber stamp on paper, latex paint mural Dimensions: H 25″ W 17″ D 0


Painting is the point of origin for all my projects. It is visible thought that moves freely across mediums, platforms and surfaces. A natural extension of my work in the studio, I have produced art for interiors, architecture and public places – vivid backdrops for human activity that translate the virtual spaces in my paintings into physical space.
My paintings describe stage sets populated with stylized forms, eccentric perspectives, flickering patterns and saturated pastel and hothouse hues. Surfaces – floors, facades, courtyards, kiosks, signs, walkways and storefronts – are veneers that are activated by social energy and human presence. I respond to the sublime geometry underlying natural forms, and the rich, visible color spectrum and details from the observable world. My paintings sugest an alternate realm, a heightened, theatrical place oranized by a playful physics. Pattern is fundamental in my work, a visual rhythm that syncs the sensations of moving through spaces with internal bodily rhythms: pulse, breath, heartbeats & footsteps.

In this pretend dimension, I am inspired equally by ancient Indian miniature paintings as by contemporary digital game space. I am a restless magpie researcher, and my work derives from my eclectic interests in fashion and textile design, graphic design and typography, and more esoteric sources such as early camouflage, arabic calligraphy, bargello needlepoint, furniture design, window display, Warner Bros. cartoons, curio cabinets and more.


Born Brooklyn, NY

BFA 1983, School of Visual Arts / MFA 1988, Tyler School of Art

2016    Pollock-Krasner Award
Mayer of Munich, Germany
Artist Access Grant
2014    ArtCenter/South Florida
2012    homesession residency, Barcelona;  Artist Access Grant, Miami
2009    Artist Access Grant, Miami;  Nordisk kunst Plattform, Norway
2008     So Fla Cultural Consortium Award
Artist Enhancement Grant, ST of FL
2006     Artist Grant, ST of Florida
2004    Fundación Valparaiso, Spain
2003    Millay Colony
2002    Eastern Frontier Society, Maine
1998     Natl Found for Advancement in the Arts
1998    New England Found for the Arts
1996    MacDowell Colony
1993    Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown
1990    Altos de Chavon, Dom Repub

Selected Exhibitions
design sublime, miami (solo)
Frost Art Museum, FIU, Miami
Curatorial + Co, Sydney, AU
Center for Book Arts, NYC
Open Source, Bklyn, NY

Westbeth Annual, NYC
Satellite Show, Miami Beach
Schoolhouse Gallery, Ptown, MA

ArtCenter/South Florida (solo)

Cyan Gallery, Barcelona
Vizcaya Museum, Miami
Miami Intl Airport

Shelf Life, DuPont Bldg, Miami (solo)
Bob Rauschenberg Gallery, Edison St College, FL (solo)
Dorsch Gallery, Miami (solo)

American Design Club, NYC
Society, NYC

Islip Art Museum, NY
Bleu Acier, Tampa, FL
Miami Art Museum

Nordisk kunst Plattform, Norway (solo)
Schoolhouse Gallery, Ptown, MA

Art@Work, Miami (solo)
David Castillo Gallery, Miami
Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, Miami
Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art

Public Art/Private Commissions
Jacksonville, FL
Pembroke Pines, FL
Young at Art Museum, Davie, FL
Wolfsonian Museum-FIU, Miami Beach
Miami-Dade Co. AIPP
Wanted Design, NYC
Facebook office, Miami
City of Tampa
City of Hollywood, FL
Royal Caribbean Criuse Lines
Celebrity Cruise Lines
Locust Projects, Miami
One Miami Riverwalk

Place: New York, NY

Contact: mail@michelleweinberg.com

Website: http://michelleweinberg.com