Mamiko Takayanagi

-~-5月の雨-2016s -~-波音-sound-of-waves 91x91cm-oil-on-canvas-2016s SONG2-45.5x45.5cms -~-変換-~-Heavenly-views -~-S10s

Work1 Title: rain in may Year: 2016 Materials: oil on canvas Dimensions: H  W  D
Work2 Title: sound of wave Year: 2016 Materials: oil on canvas Dimensions: H 91cm W 91cm D
Work3 Title: SONG16-2 Year: 2016 Materials: oil on canvas Dimensions: H 45.5cm W 45.5cm D
Work4 Title: Heavenly view Year: 2015 Materials: oil on canvas Dimensions: H 116.7cm W 116.7cm D
Work5 Title: atmosphere in sumeer Year: 2015 Materials: oil on canvas Dimensions: H 45.5cm W 45.5cm D



The theme of my work is ‘interlaced scenes’. My artistic endeavors and journeys have taken me from hometown Kyoto to Tokyo, Germany, and various residence programs in different counties and cities. In each town, I have seen and experienced the ever-changing scenes in lives of people and their cultures. My art represents my innermost emotions connected to those experiences, manifested in the form of colors and shapes. Away from my home in Japan, I often wondered where I truly belonged or where I was going. There were anxiety and loneliness, but also contentment within them. These emotions, in addition to the changing seasons of my surroundings, have always been put into my artwork. In foreign lands, or in ‘blissful solitude’ as my exhibition was titled, I have continued to be creative and productive.
In 2014, I found myself based in Kyoto again, with a crowd of familiar people, whose language and culture already ingrained in me. This was unlike my days of ‘blissful solitude’, although my soul continued to question if it truly belonged there. My former style involved simply pouring my emotions onto a canvas just as I saw and felt. Since then, the process of scraping off the colors has been introduced, as a means to reflect on the past. Not only that, but by inserting new colors on top of what has been shaved, the present time is now added. The act of scraping into the ‘places I had been’ reveals an access to the past, into which I layer new colors and shapes, thereby interlacing the scenes of the past and present.
I often reflect upon “my own existence in the society”, contemplating and confronting myself and my own work. Neither changes in environment nor circumstances will prevent me from being artistically productive. Wherever I am placed at any given time becomes my ‘home’. Then, in the process of searching for a new ‘home’, new colors are added, in order to interconnect my past, present, and future.


Nov.1976      born in Kyoto, Japan.
1997-2003    Tama art university in Tokyo, Japan
Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts.
2003-2009    Academy of Fine Arts in Munich by Prof.Jerry Zeniuk.
Akademie der Bildenden Künste München.
2007-2009    Meister Student by Prof. Zeniuk.
2009    Diploma

Prizes,Scholarship and Residency

2014   Scholarship “The 29th HOLBEIN Scholarship” Japan
2013   Grant.”Residence scholarship, Bilbao Arte” Bilbao, Spain
2012   Grant,“ Residence scholarship” Artisthouse Schloss Balmoral. Germany
2011   Grant, “Nomura Foundation” . Japan
2009   Prize, “Culture prize Bavarian of E-ON Bayern AG” .Germany
Grant, Residence, „Young art of Lemgo city and STAFF STIFTUNG 09/10“. Germany
2008  „STIBET scholarship“, DAAD. Germany
2007   Scholarship for foreign Students of the Bavarian Ministry of State. Germany

Selected Solo Exhibitions

„everglow“  Hideharu Fukasaku gallery roppongi, Tokyo Japan
“affectionate time”           Gallery Yo, Toyama Japan
„Short stories“  Hideharu Fukasaku gallery roppongi, Tokyo Japan
“sol, luego la lluvia”  SAN-AI gallery, Tokyo Japan
“sound of life” Green arts gallery, Ishikawa Japan
„smooth affections“  SAN-AI gallery, Tokyo Japan

“Happy Solitude”  Galerie Alte Vogtei, Bielefeld. Germany
“Mellow”          Villa Rosenthal, Jena. Germany
„Your Place, My Place“  WINTER&WINTER,  Munich. Germany
„Your place, My place“  Städtische Galerie Eichenmüllerhaus, Lemgo. Germany
„Feeling of Colour“  WINTER&WINTER,  Munich. Germany
„Color-Landscape in my mind“  SHIMAYA Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions

“SIANOJA16”  Palacio de Albaicin  Noja, Spain
“des regards qui pensent”   Art Space MEISEI Kyoto Japan
“it’s all good!” PoRto LibRE gallery, Tokyo Japan

Place: Kyoto, Japan