Laura J. Stein

1_Silver_and_Color_22x30_collage_2016 2_Almost_Black_and_White_22x30_collage_2016 3_Mixed_Color_29x41_collage_2016 4_Beige_and_Gold_22x30_collage_2016 5_Blue_With_Gold__26x40_collage_2016

Work1 Title: Silver and Color Year: 2016 Materials: paper collage Dimensions: H 30 W 22 D

Work2 Title: Almost Black and White Year: 2016 Materials: paper collage Dimensions: H 30 W 22 D

Work3 Title: Mixed Color Year: 2016 Materials: paper collage Dimensions: H 29 W 41 D

Work4 Title: Beige and Gold Year: 2016 Materials: paper collage Dimensions: H 22 W 30 D

Work5 Title: Blue With Gold Year: 2016 Materials: paper collage Dimensions: H 26 W 40 D


I make collages out of paper.  I use auction catalogs, with displays of jewels, silver, and gold antique pieces or reproductions of paintings and drawings that I repurpose for my own use. Usually, I have some preconceived ideas about the colors and the composition.  Sometimes I successfully execute the idea right off.  But many times I realize it is not working, the energy is not there, and the picture is stagnant.  In those cases I scrape away and try to find an answer in the the sources that are splayed out around me. I am making patterns out of cutouts or paper brushstrokes .  The tricky part is when I assemble many pieces together in an actionable way and then have to figure out the mechanics of attaching them to the paper.  I use a razor to cut around and inlay the strokes and fragments. I began as a painter, and often I discovered that in the course of painting I would be holding several brushes in my hand at once. Now I do that with cut outs of paper.



1977    BFA, Cornell University, major painting, minor printmaking, Ithaca, NY

2015    Art Student’s League, life drawing, New York, NY

1992    Parson’s School of Design, life drawing, New York, NY

1983    New York Academy of Art, plaster cast drawing, New York, NY

1978    Pratt Graphics Center, etching, New York, NY

1977    School of Visual Arts, printmaking, New York, NY


2015    “22 x 30” Show, Manhattan Borough President’s Office, New York, NY

2013     Fresh Paint Digital Outdoor Show, Philadelphia, PA

2010     The Nature of Collage, Next Gallery, New York, NY

2009     Small Works Show, Grey Art Gallery, New York, NY

1983     Jacob Fanning Gallery, Wellfleet, Ma

1982      Condesco Lawler Gallery, New York, NY

1981      Des Refuses, Westbeth Painters Space, New York, NY


2015      365 Artists/365, November 19, 2015

2015, Vol. III, Issue II

2015      Agave Magazine. com, Vol. 3, Issue I

2013      Fresh Paint Magazine. com, Issue I


2015, Viewing Program

2015, Registry

2009      Drawing Center, Viewing Program

2008      Artists Space, Irving Sandler Viewing Program

Place: New York, NY