Kanade Hamawaki

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Work1 Title: installation in group exhibition “Lumen” in Bedburg-Hau in Germany Year: 2016 Materials: cloth, wood stick, bands Dimensions: H  W  D

Work2 Title: installation in group exhibition “Lumen” in Bedburg-Hau in Germany Year: 2016 Materials: lamp, water, waxed paper Dimensions: H  W  D

Work3 Title: installation “ku kei” Year: 2015 Materials: cloth, wood stick, metal stick, gypsum Dimensions: H  W  D

Work4 Title: installation “ku ro” Year: 2016 Materials: cloth, metal sticks, wires Dimensions: H  W  D

Work5 Title: installation in solo exhibition “tou” in Akari Kako Archive, Japan Year: 2016 Materials: panels, tapes, fluorescent lamps Dimensions: H  W  D


narrative space
- space with story and memory

space/place has history and story from people who using or living there.
I try to find out what space tells story to people and shape it in simple ways.
Space is reconstructed through the filter named me, reborn as what something new, and people interprets in their own way. To give chance people to feel and think what it could be, there are dialogs between themselves, others or space and people.
Not only in the time to see my works, to stay it as memory, people are keeping influenced from this space and changing their point of view and way of thinking.
This king of process is my work, and the space and people are also part of my work and take important rolls.

Resume:Kanade Hamawaki was born in 1995 in Kobe, Japan and is living and studying in State Academy of Art Düsseldorf, Germany.

She is working with space and create installations inspired from history and function/character of the place, its atmosphere and its environment around there.
Many projects and exhibitions are held in Germany and in her hometown in Japan to share people her point of view to feel space.

installation “Traumhaus 26” Theater Filidonia(Remscheid, DE) Streets Festival/ins Blaue e.V.

exhibition „My Step in 15 Years” Kakogawa Cultural Center (Kakogawa, JP)
group exhibition “Meets”  Matsukaze Gallery (Kakogawa, JP)
exhibition “Jump Up from Full Age” sponsored by Kobe Bunka Shien Kikin
group exhibition “SommerAufgang”  Galerie Atelier (Düsseldorf, DE)
exhibition “utsurou, kukei”  Matsukaze Gallery (Kakogawa, JP)
group exhibition “Lumen” Artoll-Kunstlabor (Bedburg-Hau, DE)
group exhibition “A CO TY TAM ROBISZ” Galeria przy Sławkowskiej(Krakow, PL)
exhibition “tou” Akari Kako Archive (Kakogawa, JP) sponsored by Kansai Art Support
exhibition “(let)stay” Kakogawa Civic Gallery (Kakogawa, JP) *planned
exhibition “view” ASPIA SMILE GALLERY (Akashi, JP) *planned

《scholarship, residency》
Educational Exchange Program of German Government/ as representative Student of Japan
International Theater Festival Okinawa for Young Audience/residency (Okinawa, JP)
Artoll-Kunstlabor/residency (Bedburg-Hau, DE)

German Speech Contest for Japanese High School Student in Dokkyo University /special prize
Hunt for This Century’s Leonardo da Vinci! High School Art Competition /1. place
High School Illustration und Design Competition /1. place
Mainichi-DAS Design Competition Designers Association Some rights /1. place
Multi Cultural Photo Exhibition “Human Bonds” /hyogo prefectural governor’s prize

Place: Düsseldorf, Germany

Contact: kunstkanade@gmail.com

Website: http://kunstkanade.jimdo.com