Judyta Bernaś

01.Bernaś_the_cycle_Way_IX_V_digital_print_hydromatt_wood_220x91_2008_Contemporary-Art-Gallery-in-Opole_Poland_2009 02.Bernaś_the_cycle_Way_IX_digital_print_hydromatt_wood_220x91_2008_Contemporary-Art-Gallery-in-Sandomierz_Poland_2010 03.Bernaś_ONENESS_01_ink_print_paper_220x91_2015 04.Bernaś_ONENESS_08_ink_print_paper_220x91_2015_Utazu_Art_Award_Japan_2016 05.Bernaś_Untitled_skin_butchers-hooks_rope_700x400_2016

Work1 Title: Droga (The Way) IX, V Year: 2008 Materials: ink print, hydromatt, wood Dimensions: H 220 cm W 91,4 cm D -

Work2 Title: Droga (The Way) IX Year: 2008 Materials: ink print, hydromatt, wood Dimensions: H 220 cm W 91,4 cm D -

Work3 Title: Jednia (The Oneness) 01 Year: 2015 Materials: ink print, paper Dimensions: H 220 cm W 91,4 cm D -

Work4 Title: Jednia (The Oneness) 08 Year: 2015 Materials: ink print, paper Dimensions: H 220 cm W 91,4 cm D -

Work5 Title: Untitled Year: 2016 Materials: skin, butchers’ hook, rope Dimensions: H 700 cm W 400 cm D -


J.B. deals with the issues of the sacred and the profane, male and female nude, border between the interior and exterior of the body, formation across different fields of visual arts (traditional and modern), experiment in graphic arts and photography.

The Oneness is unity, one and the same, unification, merger of the illustration of god and man, man and woman, sacrum and profanum. It is one icon, intense in its meaning and created by the accumulation of several representations that merge and combine to form the oneness of the metaphysical and physical body. When visualized, it reminds one of a stop-motion animation of 14 station-images. Its earliest beginnings were the cycles The Way and The Light.

28 large-format prints from the cycles The Way and The Light is a personal interpretation of the Way of the Cross and the Way of Light; the result of deep personal perspectives and subjective forms of artistic expression on faith and art. They combine into one entity contradictory terms: man and woman, man and god, the physical and the metaphysical, the sacred and the profane. They introduce a new iconography to the usual patriarchal image of the Western canon of art history, break the boundary of traditional fine art as well as a canon of Jesus and Jesus Christ. They combine tradition with contemporary Christian view on religious art and the contemporary art of women.
In the presentations physical body becomes metaphysical – clear, there is no me – Judith, it is a woman-man, diagram of the human body – the art of iconography canon close Nowosielski. Individual qualities are superseded by the recipient of the reasoning iconography, they are moved by the wayside with the result that the content is meant for a primary perception. Through the multiplicity of possible interpretations of the works art becomes open to each recipient. An attempt to integrate the two spheres is a pretext for verification views on art, life and religion. Secularism creates unity with holiness.


J.B. was born in 1978 in Sosnowiec (Poland). In 2000-2005 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Faculty of Graphic, Painting and Design. She received her diploma (with distinction) under the direction of professor Ewa Zawadzka in Relief Printing Studio 2. After graduating, she worked at her alma mater. Currently, she works as an assistant professor at the Multigraphic Actions Studio of professor Ewa Zawadzka (Chair of Intermedia and Scenography). In 2012, she received the title of Doctor of Arts (Discipline: Fine Arts) at the Faculty of Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. She had more than 15 solo exhibitions and participated in over 140 group exhibitions, competitions and festivals.

solo exhibitions
The Oneness, Wozownia Art Gallery, Torun, PL
Wydobyte z zacisza, Museum of the History of Katowice/City Art Gallery in Czestochowa, PL
The female nude in the sacred and the profane – The Way of Light, Extravagance Gallery, Sosnowiec, PL
The Way, Independent Association of Fine Arts in Czestochowa – ZACHETA, KONDUKTOROWNIA GALLERY/Contemporary Art Gallery in Sandomierz, PL

group exhibitions
Utazu Art Award 2016, Arts Center Yu Plaza Utazu, JP
XIX  International  Contest of Digital Photocreation CYBERFOTO 2016, ART-FOTO Gallery, Czestochowa, PL
9 Polish  Print Triennial, Silesian Museum, Katowice, PL
Graphic Art is a Woman. Polish Graphic Art of XX and XXI century, International Centre for Graphic Arts – Centrum Gallery, Krakow, PL
Exchange – Japanese and Polish graphic exhibition, Rondo Art Gallery, Katowice, PL
III International Biennial of Graphic Digital Arts, Gdynia, PL
International Print Triennial, Krakow/Torun, PL
Contemporary Polish graphics, Museum of Regional Studies, Vitebsk, BY
4 th INTERNATIONAL EXPERIMENTAL ENGRAVING BIENNIAL – WoMen’s World – Polish Experimental Engraving, Anaid Art Gallery, Bucharest, RO
International Print Triennial, Vien, AT/Oldenburg, DE

Place: Będzin, Poland

Contact: j_bernas@onet.pl

Website: http://icondata.triennial.cracow.pl/judyta_bernas