Irene Gennaro

1_Cloud Cluster 2_Brain 3_Pelvis Cairo 5 YellowCritter

Work1 Title: Cloud Cluster Year: 2016 Materials: fabric-wood-wax-mixed media Dimensions: H 39.5 inche W 33 inches D 24 inches
Work2 Title: Brain Year: 2007 Materials: wood-oil paint-gold leaf Dimensions: H 18 inches W 18 inches D 6 inches
Work3 Title: Pelvis Year: 2007 Materials: wood-oil paint-aluminum leaf Dimensions: H 19 inches W 13.5 inche D 3.25 inche
Work4 Title: Cairo Year: 1999 Materials: wood-oil paint Dimensions: H 70 inches W 26 inches D 8 inches
Work5 Title: Yellow Critter Year: 2000 Materials: wood-oil paint Dimensions: H 29 inches W 12 inches D 3 inches


My work explores many areas of the human condition. As a dream inspired artist I see myself as a facilitator and recorder of subconscious imagery that emerges surprisingly and without warning. These images have taken me to psychological- cultural and historic arenas.
Personal events also contribute to the emergence and development of sculptures. I have developed a number of images as seen in series. Impermanence is a group I have created which incorporates the iconic crucifix with anatomical attributions.
The Ex Votive Series initiated by a seminal dream, developed to include more than 20 pieces. It addresses religious rituals enacted by people in an effort to communicate with a higher force to ask for a healing or to give thanks for a successful outcome.
The tradition of offering Ex-Votos has been practiced for thousands of years across the globe. It was initially practiced in Greece and was introduced to Italy. Today it continues in South America and Europe.
My recent piece titled “Cloud Cluster” 2016, is an 18 month effort which allowed me to incorporated a new method of working using fabric and wax for the first time.


2012      Home Coming, The Sculptors Guild, DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY
2010      Archetypes: Personal & Universal, LaGuardia Community College, Long Island City, NY
2005      Dream Catch, 55 Mercer Gallery, New York, NY
2004      The Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie in Cadwalader Park, Trenton, NJ [Two Artists]
2002      Dream Streams & Ex Votives, Edison College, Fort Myers, Fl. [Review-Photo]
The Responsibility of Dreams, Washington County Museum of Fine Art, Hagerstown, Md. catalogue [Review, Photos]
Exploring Tradition: Ex Votives, 55 Mercer Gallery, New York, NY [Review-Photo]
2001      Dream Works, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ
Spirit Messengers, Sinclair Community College, Dayton, Ohio
2000      Spirit Messengers, Washington Square Windows, New York University, New York, NY
Dream Works, 55 Mercer Gallery, New York, NY
1999      Recent Sculpture, Elgin College, Elgin, Illinois, catalogue-photos  [Review-Photos]
Spirit Messengers, The Kentuck Museum of Art, Northport, Alabama, [Photos-Catalogue] [Review-Photo]
1998      Sculpture Installation, Rhode Island School of Design, Market House Gallery, Providence, RI
1997      Augury, 55 Mercer Gallery, New York, NY
1995      Myth & Symbol In Wood, 55 Mercer Gallery, New York, NY
A Language of Totems, Broadway Windows, New York University, New York, NY
1992      Sculpture On The Wall, In Celebration of Columbus, John Jay College, New York, NY
1989      Sculpture Installation, Newhouse Gallery, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island, NY [Photo-Catalogue]
1982      Esta Robinson Gallery, New York, NY
1978      Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library, Queens College, Queens, NY

2013       Beatrice K. Epstein Memorial Award for Sculpture, Jurors: Joyce Pommer, and Lydia Viscardi, N.A.W.A.
2008       The “1st international openartsresidency” Erétria, Greece
2006       Edwin Austin Abbey Fellowship, National A

Place: New York, NY