Elizabeth Jordan

1_EJordan_Let-go-and-let-God 2_EJordan_Tomboy 3_EJordan_O-Tannenbaum Elizabeth N Jordan: sculptures shot at PTP studio 5_EJordan_The-Queens-Beast

Work1 Title: Let go and let God Year: 2016 Materials: wood, window chain, chicken wire, wire mesh, Paper Clay, gouache, wire, twine Dimensions: H H43” W 42″ D 14″
Work2 Title: Tomboy Year: 2016 Materials: wire mesh, wire, telephone line connector, Claystone, watercolor, India Ink, gouache, wood, nails Dimensions: H 24″ W 12″ D 10″
Work3 Title: O Tannenbaum Year: 2016 Materials: hangers, wire mesh, wire, Christmas tree, burlap, Paper Clay, India Ink, gouache, Christmas tree stand Dimensions: H 78″ W 18″ D 18″
Work4 Title: Speak to me Year: 2016 Materials: wood, latex paint, canvas, wire hangers, wire, twine, Paper Clay, burlap, chicken wire, pallet Dimensions: H 36″ W 24″ D 10″
Work5 Title: The Queen’s Beast Year: 2014 Materials: wire, hangers, chicken wire, Claystone, Paper Clay, watercolor, Gouache, India Ink, umbrella fabric, burlap, hemp, window chain Dimensions: H 22″ W 11″ D 42″


I carry on a conversation with my work in the studio. It is private, between me and my materials, and would likely not be understood by an outsider. Ultimately, it is my hope that this conversation will result in answers to the secrets that are hidden in the potential of my materials. I think this is true for anyone who engages in the creation of a handmade object…the secrets are really revealed only to the maker.

These objects emerge from different repetitive processes: winding, wrapping, layering leads to distorting, altering, scarring. Materials are added, building up an object’s patina and history: wire mesh, wood, plaster, paint, clay, wire, burlap, leather. It is the combination of materials and actions which make an object that is as rich in its quirkiness and uniqueness as is found in nature.

Some pieces or elements are made over and over again, all the same but also different. The process of repetition has a calming effect, giving me the patience to create prototypes of objects, which I refer to as three-dimensional sketches. These sketches are a means to try out ideas and see where they lead. Trying to piece together something out of nothing is a mystery that I am intrigued with.

Beauty is subjective, and perfection in nature is frequently surprising. My work isn’t beautiful in a traditional sense. It has its own unique beauty, which may seem dark, but it isn’t without humor.

My connection to nature, the earth, the beauty and grimness of the world are some of the topics of my studio conversations. In nature, there is no sentimentality about life and death; life is temporal and fragile. My work exists in the same place, in that I attempt to create objects that are both vulnerable and powerful.


WILD, Cornell Museum of Art, Delray Beach, FL, curated by Melanie Johanson

CURRENT: Gowanus, Gowanus Loft, Brooklyn NY, curated by Benjamin Sutton
THAW, Dorsky Gallery, Long Island City, NY, curated by Jill Conner

AS | Artists Studios, Pop-Up Group Show, 111 Front Street, Dumbo Galleries, Brooklyn NY
Gowanus Artists Open Studio Weekend
AS | Artists Studios, Boom & Bloom, The Phatory, New York, NY
Real TIme, Pop-Up Show, hosted by AS | Artists Studios, New York, NY

GoBrooklyn Open Studio Weekend
Annual Gowanus Artists Open Studios

A Book About Death: A tribute to Ray Johnson and Emily Harvey, Queens Museum, NY
Wish You Were Here 8, A.I.R. Gallery Exhibition and Benefit, New York, NY
Annual Gowanus Artist Studio Tour, Brooklyn, NY

Annual Gowanus Artist Studio Tour, Brooklyn, NY

In the Hands of an Artist, Wilmer Jennings Gallery, New York, New York, juried by Howardena Pindell
The Return of the Cadavre Exquis, The Drawing Center, New York, NY

Visiting Artists Exhibi tion and Lecture Series, Uni ver sity of Wis consin Center, Marshfield, WI
Contem porary Interpre tive Land scape, Rice Univer sity, Hous ton, TX

Eliza beth Jordan, Oil on Paper, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers Univer sity, NJ
Director’s Choice, 7 Guest Artists, Terry Dintenfass Gal lery,  New York, NY
Retro spective, Florida Center for Con tempo rary Art, Tampa, FL
The Third Coast Exhibi tion, Mid town Art Center, Hous ton, TX
Between Endo and Exo, Chris Hanson & Eliza beth Jor dan, Artist Alliance Gallery, Tampa, FL
Masters Thesis Exhibi tion, Teach ing Gallery, Univer sity of South Florida, Tampa, FL
Seven Walls & Ten Artists, Artist Alliance Gallery, Tam pa, FL

MFA, 1984, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, University of South Florida, Tampa FL
Tamarind Master Printer, 1979, Tamarind Institute of Lithography, Albuquerque NM
BA, 1977, Departmental Honors, Douglass College, Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ

Place: Brooklyn NY

Contact: elizabeth@enjordan.com

Website: http://www.enjordan.com