Daisuke Satou

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Work1 Title: Untitled (Desperate painting) Year: 2016 Materials: oil, Louis Vuitton’s leather, Velcro tape, bond, graphite, on linen Dimensions: H 100 W 80.5 D 2.5

Work2 Title: Honya-rara Year: 2016 Materials: oil, spray, bond, sticker, marker, graphite on linen Dimensions: H 100 W 80.5 D 2.5

Work3 Title: Untitled (My brown hair) Year: 2016 Materials: oil, spray, bond, sticker, oil pastel, graphite on linen Dimensions: H 72.5 W 60.5 D 2

Work4 Title: Egg Tart (Untitled homage to Picasso) Year: 2014 Materials:l, tape, sticker, collage on linen Dimensions: H 72.5 W 53 D 2

Work5 Title: Big Help Year: 2013 Materials: mixed media Dimensions: H approx.400 W approx.190 D approx.50


My works are made by a conflict between earthly desires and freedom in artistic expression. That’s super individual.
My works are only made by myself. But on the other hand they are depersonalized bureaucracies and also reflect the modern society.
I myself is what is a walking medium living in society to make an art work. Every other material used is only just a material.

I don’t want to make anything looks like art. I just want to find it and have been learning about it. I want to do it by my own way. For example, I always want to make a painting which is a painting beyond doubt and not a painting too at the same time.

On the field of art, there are possibilities that the weak could be the strong. Every disadvantage you have could totally turn over.
Politicians manage words.
Mathematicians manage formulae.
And I am an artist who manage creation. That is freedom.
Even now, musicians make a song with old instruments such as guitar, piano. So visual artists still must have a lot to make with old mediums such as oil, brush, canvas and more. And of course it is good with new mediums.


Daizuque Satou (Satou Daisuke), a Japanese artist, painter. Born in Japan in1982.
Live and work in Kanagawa, Japan.

Bachelor of Fine Art from Tama Art University 2010

2016 3men show “Gyakusankaku-kankei vol.17″ at Chikurinkaku (Tokyo)
2016 Private art fest. “Mambo matsuri” in Harajuku area (Tokyo, ((participated as a guitarist.)))
2016 Internet group exhibition and gallery “NO NAME”
2015 Independent exhibition and competition of “Chiyoda Art Festival” at 3331 Arts Chiyoda (Tokyo)
2014 Solo exhibition “You don’t pull no punches, but You don’t push the river” at Zuisho-ji Art Project (Tokyo)
2013 Artist In Residence of BankART at BankART1929 (Kanagawa)
2011 Group exhibition “Waku-waku Shibuya” at Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya (Tokyo)

Place: Kanagawa, Japan

Contact: sumbodhy2@gmail.com

Website: https://jp.pinterest.com/daizuquesatou2/