Chris Willcox

Willcox-Vulture-Peak Willcox-To-Catch-a-Falling-Knife Willcox-In-Love-With-an-Apparition Willcox-Desert-Dance Willcox-My-Lover-My-Oppressor-My-Friend

Work1 Title: Vulture Peak Year: 2015 Materials: Oil and acrylic on canvas Dimensions: H 72 W 84 D Work2 Title: To Catch a Falling Knife Year: 2015 Materials: Oil and acrylic on linen, yellow mirror Plexiglas Dimensions: H 48 W 108 D  Work3 Title: In Love With an Apparition Year: 2014 Materials: Oil and acrylic on linen Dimensions: H 105 W 247.5 D Work4 Title: Desert Dance Year: 2015 Materials: Oil and acrylic on linen, bronze mirror Plexiglas Dimensions: H 84 W 96 D Work5 Title: My Lover, My Oppressor, My Friend Year: 2013 Materials: oil on panel, oil on canvas Dimensions: H 60 W 69 D


My paintings are rooted in reverence and stewardship for the raw potential of color and form. Early in my career, I came to realize that the basic formal elements of painting — line, color, texture, and the like — could be employed as a work’s explicit subjects, the same way a dancer’s movements are both the site and subject of choreography. Like the body, I found color could jump, spin, pause, and recoil. I found the fewer narrative and theoretical devices my work employed, the more emotion and energy it carried. On this I base a deep personal belief that color, line, and form are imbued with inherent meaning and power.

When presented at a large scale, this raw potential is especially potent, and has the power to energetically redefine the space it inhabits. For this reason, I endeavor to create very large, public works as often as possible. I hope to use the visual force of my work to create uplifted, humanized, and engaging environments.


Select Exhibits

Summer Show, Leila Heller, New York, NY
invisible -> visible, AD:DS, Brooklyn, NY
Reclaim Reboot Renew, Royal Society of American Art, Brooklyn, NY
Time to Hit the Road, Leila Heller, New York, NY

Bye Felicia!, B.H.Q.F.U., New York, NY
Guilty Pleasures, No Home Gallery, New York, NY
Push/Pull/Plow, Idio Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Build Your Own University, B.H.Q.F.U., New York, NY
Chris Willcox: Superpositions, Gerson Zevi, New York, NY, and Washington DC

The London Project, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Bretton, Wakefield, UK
In/finite Earth, The Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC
Our Show Needs a Name, Brooklyn Fireproof, Brooklyn,  NY
Grand Opening, Idiosyncrasy, Brooklyn,  NY
In on the Ground Floor, Gerson Zevi, New York, NY

2013-2015 B.H.Q.F.U.
2010 BFA Washington University in St. Louis
2009 Glasgow School of Art

Place: Brooklyn, NY