Cheryl Safren

1.SAFREN.Bronze-Age 2.SAFREN.Primitive 3.SAFREN.Lydian-Tablet 4.SAFREN.Indus_ 5.SAFREN.Coupling

Work1 Title: Bronze Age Year: 2011 Materials: chemistry on copper Dimensions: H 36 W 48 D Work2 Title: Primitive Year: 2012 Materials: burned wood Dimensions: H 36 W 48 D Work3 Title: Lydian Tablet Year: 2014 Materials: plaster on plaster Dimensions: H 36 W 48 D Work4 Title: Indus Year: 2014 Materials: acrylic enamel paint Dimensions: H 36 W 48 D Work5 Title: Coupling Year: 2015 Materials: copper, glass and yarn on aluminum Dimensions: H 36 W 48 D


A symbol is a particular visual mark that represents some piece of information.  Symbols, as a form of communication, have been scratched onto rocks by cavemen and used by physicists employing powerful computers to explain string theory.  Some symbols may only be understood in a certain place or time in history or by those educated in a certain field of endeavor. Rather than represent historical eras in a literal sense, the materials and symbols I use, are suggestive of a particular time and place.
The ten works in this series in the order they were created are: Alchemy, Bronze Age, Primitive, Iron Age, Lydian Tablet, Indus, Lanna Kingdom, Kana, Runic and Coupling.  The next panel I will undertake will be Ogham, a Celtic Tree Alphabet and will likely be made from slate and soil.  Here is a little info about the five images that accompany this statement.
Bronze Age, the second panel in the series, was created on copper and made to look like aged bronze. These symbols are drawn from research about the languages of the time, and within each symbol are very ornate designs that do not repeat. Primitive’s symbols are burned into wood; a common substrate used by primitive peoples, and the frame constructed for this work is made from found tree bark. Lydian Tablet is a plaster on plaster artwork consistent with the materials and tools used by artisans of that time and place. Indus is the only artwork in this series to use paint on both the colorful background and the faux Sanskrit symbols.  Coupling, the tenth and last panel I completed is based on early electrical symbols and is made from copper, glass and yarn on aluminum.
During our era, a time of rampant selfies, this art which reflects  historic societal changes will hopefully remind us that we are part of a continuum bigger than ourselves. The Ice Age, Bronze Age, Industrial Revolution, Computer Revolution, etc. each profoundly affected mankind propelling progress and contributing to who we are today.


•    2015     Public Art, University of Montana, Chemistry Building, Missoula, MT
•    2013     Public Art, Anna Philbrook Center, Concord, NH
•    2012     Public Art, Iowa State University, Hach Hall, Ames, IA
•    2011     Public Art, University of Utah, Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology Building
•    2009     Public Art, Florida State University, Psychology Building, Tallahasee, FL
•        Speaker, Southeast Region American Chemical Society Symposium, San Juan, PR
•    2008    Intersections of Art & Science, Symposium keynote speaker, Adelphi Univ., Garden     City, NY
•    2007     Public Art, University of Montana, Skaggs Building, Missoula, MT
•    2005     Public Art Commission Tallyn’s Reach Municipal Building, Aurora, CO
•    2002     Residency, Hungarian Multicultural Center, Balatonfured, Hungary
•    1/15     Artvoices Magazine, Geo-Celestial Layers Process in Oxidation-Time by Amir Bey,     cover, p64-67
•    8/08     Pulse Magazine, “VIP Artists” the editors, p76-80
•    8/08, “Chemistry on Copper: The Works of Cheryl Safren,”
by Michael Cervin
•    10/06     Chemical and Engineering News, “Chemistry for Art’s Sake” by Ivan Amato,
•    3/04    Art and Science Collaborations Inc by Rich Leslie, critic, author, curator, professor
•    11/03    Hyle: International Journal of Chemistry, special issue “Aesthetics and Visualization in     Chemistry,” published in Germany (funded by BASF)
•    7/02    Hungarian Cultural Television, interviewed on MTV1, MTV2
•    6/02    NYArts Magazine, “Copperworld” p94
•    2008    ”Alchemy” University Center Gallery, Adelphi, Garden City NY (3 person)
•    2006    ”Percolations,” Great Neck Art Center, Great Neck, NY
•    2005    ”Chemistry on Copper,” Discovery Museum, Bridgeport, CT.
•    1990    ”Interior Landscapes,” The American Association for the Advancement of Science,         Washington, D.C.
•    2012     Alchemy of Change, NY Hall of Science, Queens, NY
•    2011     GREEN, Attleboro