Inner Garden


April 07 – May 21, 2005

Curated by Christine Callahan & Veronica Cross
Artists: Gabrielle Auerbach, Jen DeNike, Chris Jahncke, Douglas Kelley, Jen Kim, Dave Manilow, Arthur Marks, Robert O’Connor, Niamh O’Malley

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 7, 2005, 6-8pm
Curators and Artists: Saturday, May 7, 2005, 6-8pm

ISE CULTURAL FOUNDATION is pleased to present the exhibition, Inner Garden. The exhibition surveys environments both figurative and physical. Each artist included has a particular approach to constructing ¡È space¡É that serves as retreat or connecting point. As a response to increased political turmoil, burgeoning industry and personal alienation, it is natural to turn inward to reevaluate one¡Çs place in the world. The inner garden may be understood as the territory in which one seeks out grace, collective experience, the spiritual and the psychedelic.

The Inner Garden artists utilize a wide variety of media in their work. Gabrielle Auerbach’s works on paper are inhabited by biomorphic abstractions, birds, planets and overlaid networks of cut paper. In Jen DeNike’s photography we discover the young male in Eden-like surroundings enacting ritual or idealized behavior. The delicate drawings and paintings of Chris Jahncke are often fueled by a sense of humor, escapism, group experience and synchronicity. In the video works of Douglas Kelley, there is an obsession with things spherical in terms of form and cyclically harmonizing ideas set to an intricate and funky soundtrack. The playful, multicolored installations of artist Jen Kim integrate mass-produced items as well as painting and drawing to create her own sanctuary. David Manilow’s painted and manipulated textiles refer to both Color Field painting and to tie-dyed t-shirts using commercially printed material. The photography of Arthur Marks reverently captures landscapes and industrial town scenes in an attempt to focus on their similarities. Photographer Robert O’Connor offers a glimpse into a nighttime world populated by factories, neon and other practical monuments in environs deliberately devoid of humanity. NiamhO’Malley merges modes of representation in technique and content in her work that layers kinetic video over static painting.

In Inner Garden psychic frontiers are advanced and ideals of beauty reconsidered; a desire for symbolic experience is explored.

This exhibition is part of the ISE Cultural Foundation’s Program for Emerging Curators, Please contact Ise Cultural Foundation Gallery for further information.

About the curator:
Christine Callahan currently teaches at The New School University and was the founder and director of the photography lecture series “The Forum”. She has been exhibiting her own work and organizing shows since 1997. In October 2005 a solo exhibit of her photographs will appear at Capsule Gallery.

Veronica Cross has been exhibiting her own work and organizing shows as well since 1997. She has developed events that encourage the cross-pollination between media such as music performance and visual arts. A solo show of her work will be installed at Capsule Gallery in October 2005.
Inner Garden is the sixth collaborative curatorial project from Christine Callahan and Veronica Cross.

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