January 27 – March 25, 2006

Artist: A l e x K u k a i S h i n o h a r a

Invite this, unlicensed, tightness,

watch the game

blow it  up like hand grenades

shade found light,  I escalate

2 different states, bring out the knife

that chops the steak, formulate

plans like the one that drop the towers

written rhyme , that murderous hour

raven flows, feeling like a modern day

Edgar (Allen) Poe, word the dro

could’nt get you any higher, I fly like bad news

from the wire, hands on nuts

get ripped with pliers, d.t.  get

the chalk, I’m cutting lights out

on living pork, move and their sweating

check the life betting, death threatening

rhyme veteran

BY A l e x K u k a i S h i n o h a r a

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