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Work1 Title: Body Series_1 Year: 2014 Material Digital Print Dimensions: H 20 W 24   Work2 Title: Body Series_3 Year: 2014 Material Digital Print Dimensions: H 20 W 24  Work3 Title: Snow Fishing Year: 2014 Material Digital Print Dimensions: H 20 W 24  Work4 Title: In White Snow Series Year: 2013 Material Digital Print Dimensions: H 16 W 24  Work5 Title: In My Memory of Childhood Year: 2012 Material Digital Print Dimensions: H 18 W 24


My name is Hyewon Park. I live and work in Brooklyn, NY. My main project is self-portrait series. The project has begun because of my curiosity. I always have wondered how myself look through the camera lens. When I studied in college in Korea, I was too shy to show the photographs of my naked body because I was afraid of people’s attention. However, I could take photographs of my body through free places of college in New York. This experience has become a motivation and it led me to work on the Self-portrait project.

I usually do not specify detail concepts before shooting a self-portrait. I work with inspirations and usually get momentary curiosities whenever I see the places or environments that give me imagination because the spontaneous inspiration leads me to express more true thoughts and feelings of myself than artificial concepts. In my daily life, I just walk around my neighborhood and stop whenever I get struck with some images in mind such as special moments, feelings in my childhood, imagination from fairytales, animations or etc. I note those momentary thoughts and feelings right away and shoot photograph or come back later after organizing my thoughts.

I don’t intend to describe my childhood memories or unrealistic characters like super heroes through my work. I want to represent more about my unconsciousness such as curiosity, sadness, and loneliness that I have felt for a long time in my inmost mind. These emotions are usually transferred to my self-portrait series through the each place I choose. During the process, I want to follow my instinct and it makes me to express more about my true emotions that I had suppressed myself unconsciously. Moreover, by doing this project, I have filled up my yearning that I always had in my childhood. For me, the self-portrait series is a method to communicate with myself deeply.

In these sequence photographs, I see more different parts and imaginations that I haven’t seen or found when I shoot while editi


HYEWON  PARK  (B. 1981, Seoul, Korea)

“The Secret Park”, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea. May 12-18, 2010
“Dominican Republic”, Heyri Blume Gallery, Paju, Korea. March 07-April 06, 2009
“A bridge to the world”, Heyri Blume Gallery, Paju, Korea. December 08, 2008-January 05, 2009
CWA 85th Annual Juried Exhibition: Slater Memorial Museum, Norwich, CT, 2014
AIPAD Art Fair: Gallery 19/21, New York, NY. March, 2011¬¬¬
“Serenity”, Blankspaceart Gallery, New York, NY. February, 2011
Photo LA: Gallery 19/21, Santa Monica, CA. January, 2011
“Linked_New Yorkers meet Londoners”, Kumsan Gallery. Heyri, Korea, 2009
Student Juried Exhibition, Visual Arts Gallery. New York, NY. June, 2009¬¬
Seoul Photo Fair: Kumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea. April, 2009
AIPAD Art Fair: Gallery 19/21, New York, NY. March, 2009
ISE Cultural Foundation, New York, NY. August, 2008
“Mentors”, Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY. April 11-26/2008

Selected to the “Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program” of NYFA
-2011 Mentees in Photography, NYFA, New York. 2011
“Bonnie Rychlak Award” of Art Student Exhibition
-ISE Cultural Foundation, New York, NY. 2008. August 23, 2008

BFA, Photography, School of Visual Arts, NYC, 2008.
Main Workshop, organized by Christopher James, Alternative Process, Mine, 2007.
Associates Degree, Paeckche Art College, Photography, Iksan, Korea, 2002.


Contact: kkphw@hotmail.com

Website: http://hyewonparkphotography.com