October 23 – November 20, 2009

Artist: Susana Gaudencio

Opening Reception: Friday, October 23, 6-8PM

The ISE Cultural Foundation is pleased to present “Houyhnhnm” by Portuguese artist, Susana Gaudencio at the Front Space.

Gaudencio creates and exhibits intricate animations. Her work is made by altering collage, montage, found footage and image, a process that both indulges in aesthetic allusions, and engages social relationships. Houyhnhnm are the acutely rational race that Jonathan Swift envisages as archetypes of purity in Gulliver’s Travels. The reference serves as a counterpoint to Gaudencio’s most recent animations, where loaded societal icons inhabit a strange world. Urban spaces, amassed crowds, and orators are rendered in full cinematic action, alongside the colorful and idiosyncratic excesses caused by the animation process. Gaudencio’s work involves a cyclical transformation, from the digital source-footage, to the physical printout, and back again. It collapses the space between otherwise disparate processes. But perhaps most importantly, it addresses the tensions between political reality, and expressive illusion.
– Raphael Taylor

In January 2009, Susana Gaudencio had her first solo exhibition with Carlos Carvalho Gallery, and she was included in the exhibition “Portuguese Artists Outside,” at the Electricity Museum, both in Lisbon. She is currently the recipient of an internship grant provided through the Portuguese Government’s Inov-art program. In 2008, she received an MFA from Hunter College, in New York; her MFA was supported by a fellowship from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Luso-American Foundation (Research and Specialization Grant). Her work is included in the PLMJ Foundation, several private Collections in Portugal, and in the Coca Cola Foundation in Spain.

image:Susana Gaudencio, “ESTRUTURAS”, video stills, courtesy by Susana Gaudencio

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