Hisayasu Takashio

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Work1 Title: no Year: 2010 Materials: wood, acrylic Dimensions: H 18” W 20” D 12 Work2 Title: no Year: 2014 Materials: wood,acrylic,metal Dimensions: H 7`~ W 8′~ D 18′~ Work3 Title:  Year: Materials:  Dimensions: H  W  D  Work4 Title: consciosness Year: 2005 Materials: pencil,acrylic,resin on peper Dimensions: H 20” W 27” D Work5 Title: CONSCIOUSNESS Year: 2005 Materials: pencil,acrylic,resin on canvas Dimensions: H 72” W 48 D


My work is an attempt to approach nature and abstract its basic elements. The treatment of media including wood, acrylic, oil and resin, is a constant search, observation and interpretation of the harmonious and the organic found in the natural environment that surrounds us. Embedded in my work is a language that transcends words and cultures. The hand is a prevalent subject matter that explores the gap between the human and animal, and also represents the capacity of man bringing creativity and rationality to realization. The hand is a conceptual tool of communication, as well as my physical tool. A public event, such as a performance or group exhibition would be based on these themes of essential elements found in nature.


“155 India Street #1R, Brooklyn,NY 11222   Tel: 347-678-5414   E-mail: shiotakashio@hotmail.com”
“Born in Tokyo, Japan,1962″
“Currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY”
“Registered Artist,The Drawing Center, New York, NY”
“Solo Exhibitions:”    ”2002″    ”Cave Gallery,Brooklyn, NY”
“”    ”1998″    ”New York Public Library -Yorkville Branch,New York,NY”
“”    ”1997″    ”Cave Gallery,Brooklyn, NY Cave Gallery,Brooklyn, NY”
“Group Exhibitions:”    ”2009″    ”DNA r’ US, Micro Museum, Brooklyn, NY”
“”    ”2008″    ”Threading Trends Berlin, Berlin,Germany”
“”    ”2007″    ”Juried Exhibition: July-August 2008, SoHo20 Gallery,Chelsea,New York, NY Light Night 2007, Keflavik,Iceland”
“”    ”2005″    ”AAF Contemporary Art Fair, New York,NY”
“”    ”"    ”Object of Comfort, Werketage Gallery, Berlin,Germany
Project Diversity, Eleven Ten Gallery,Brooklyn,NY”
“”    ”2004″    ”Angel Orensanz Foundation Center for the Arts,New York, NY”
“”    ”"    ”AAF Contemporary Art Fair, New York,NY Pool Art Fair,New York, NY”
“”    ”"    ”Consciousness installation,Chashama- 217 E. 42nd St. Branch, New York,NY”
“”    ”2003″    ”Big Proportions, Galerfa Galou,Brooklyn,NY
Angel Orensanz Foundation Center for the Arts,New York, NY”
“”    ”"    ”Transportable, Werketage Gallery,Berlin, Germany
Blue (two-person show),Galerfa Galou,Brooklyn, NY”
“”    ”2002″    ”Making it Home (three-person show) lse Cultural Foundation Gallery,New York, NY”
“”    ”"    ”Par Avion, Werketage,Berlin,Germany
Silvestre Gallery, Surf City, NJ”
“”    ”"    ”Wright Gallery,Kingston,NY”
“”    ”2001″    ”Par Avion, Carolina Figueredo Galeria,Caracas, Venezuela
Quilt, Greenspan Center,Brooklyn,NY”
“”    ”1999″    ”Cave Gallery,Brooklyn, NY Cave Gallery,Brooklyn, NY”
“”    ”1998″    ”Vision and Fusion, Artlab Studio, Passaic,NJ”
“”    ”1997
1996″    ”New World Art Center, New York,NY
Images ’97,Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts Exhibition, State College, PA Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center,New York,NY”
“”    ”"    ”SAl Gallery,New York, NY
L’Atelier Gallery,Long Island City,NY”
“”    ”1995″    ”53rd Annual Exhibition

Place: Brooklyn, NY

Contact: shiotakashio@hotmail.com

Website: N/A