February 12 – March 12, 2010

Artist: Reina Kubota

Opening Reception: Friday, February 12, 6-8PM

ISE Cultural Foundation presents the exhibition “Hello?…Yes?” by the Japanese artist Reina Kubota at the front project space.

Reina Kubota explains about her work and her exhibition as following:
I used to believe my brain was a factory and that dwarfs worked in there on long shifts. Orders were passed from hand to hand, which eventuated in the physical motions of my body. Reality is strangely different, signals are instead processed by neurons, with a 20nm gap between them, called the synaptic cleft. A relay network comprised of thousands of millions of neurons branches and integrates, like the social network of our world. The flow of the neurons end in two figures, ready to connect, yet apart. The empty space between the two hands are charged with suspense, like the fuzzy anticipation in your skin just before being touched….

image:”The location of the brain #01″ 2009, mixed media, 16″x 16″ x 12″

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