January 22 – February 05, 2010

Artist: Kan Asakura

Opening Reception: Friday, January 22, 6-8PM

ISE Cultural Foundation presents the exhibition “Green” by the Japanese artist Kan Asakura at the front project space.

Kan Asakura explains about his work and his exhibition as following:
Though my profession of handling plants, I have seen many beautiful flowers. At the same time I have seen many leaves being discarded. As well as flowers, leaves have their own character and expression and as a matter of fact, leaves have a longer life. I wish to use this showing opportunity to introduce more leaves to as many people as possible and I would like viewers to see the subtle differences of leaves by arranging several leaves from one kind of plant.
I have been fascinated with bamboo and have used them for my flower arrangement frequently before because of their flexibility, freshness and their own strong statement. In this exhibition I hope I can use bamboo as expressive vessels.