Girls Talk


September 07 – October 13, 2012

Artists: Yu Goto and Jill Pucciarelli

Opening Reception: Friday, September 7, 6-8PM

ISE Cultural Foundation is pleased to present two-person exhibition “Girls Talk” by Yu Goto and Jill Pucciarelli at the Front Space Gallery.

Using century old Japanese traditional materials and technique, Yu Goto has been creating something very unexpected – donuts. With its girly and approachable subject and high-level craftwork, at a first glance, Goto’s piece looks as a mass-produced plastic toy. However, she uses highly time consuming method of “Kanshitsu”, Japanese lacquer, which has been used to create Buddhist sculpture and fine traditional craft ware. By adding layers of lacquer on her donut, she hopes to introduce this ancient material and method to wider audience more casually.
Yu Goto is currently in the graduate program of Kanazawa Collage of Art in Japan.

Fueled by an obsession with American grunge music, native New Yorker Jill Pucciarelli set out on a mission to discover the Pacific Northwest and its explosive underground punk scene. Embraced by the town of Olympia, Washington, home of independent rock superstar K Records, she discovered a community and type of music that seemed more like religion and felt more like home than any place she had previously experienced. So inspired, she embarked on a project to bring back, re-present and lay claim to what she found. By creating her own form of icons, images and souvenirs, and by meticulously embroidering the homes of dead punk musicians and musical landmarks, she aims to share the history of the passionate world she found as well as place herself into it.
Jill Pucciarelli received a BFA from the School of Visual Arts this spring. This is her first outside gallery exhibition.

Image (left) by Jill Pucciarelli, “[Jay Reatard¡Çs] ‘Tiny Little Home’, Memphis, Tennessee”, 2012, cotton thread on embroidery linen, 6″ diameter.
Image (right) by Yu Goto, “-enjoy Japan series-, donut.01″ 2012, a lacquerware (Japanese Ulushi).

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