Fiction in Reality


March 14 – May 2, 2014

Curated by ISE Cultural Foundation
Artists: Sequoyah Aono, Peter Feigenbaum, and Jonathan Podwil

Opening Reception: Friday, March 14, 6-8PM

Artists Talk: Saturday, April 12, 3-5PM

ISE Cultural Foundation presents “Fiction in Reality” a group exhibition, artists by Sequoyah Aono, Peter Feigenbaum, and Jonathan Podwil. As information technology rapidly grows, we are surrounded by a tremendous amount of images, texts and videos through social media and an immeasurable number of blogs without any way of knowing if the data is true. In “Fiction in Reality”, three artists who flow between sources, attempting to freely express their vision and explore new creative possibility of “fiction” and/or “reality”.

“Are people marching on a big game board manipulated by someone unknown?” Sequoyah Aono’s doubt about contemporary society motivates him to carve a faceless crowd out of wood and darken it in fire. Aono challenges to excavate his questions to reach a deeper reality. He hopes to remove himself from this unavoidable procession of this era through executing his own work.

Based on stereotypical images of decaying NYC portrayed in 70’s and 80’s movies and hip hop videos, and within contemporary digital games, Peter Feigenbaum creates photo-realistic crumbling buildings in miniature and photographs them. By placing the 3D buildings on present-day city streets, he constructs strangely funny and an ironic, fictional cityscape within the rapidly gentrifying, real-life city.

Jonathan Podwil uses historical film footage as a jumping off point to create softly threatening and mysteriously reminiscent paintings, which reward repeated viewing. He often obscures the image further through repetition, as if the image is mechanically reproduced several times and begins to degrade, in the way that even the most compelling images fade with time.

Additional founding is provided by YOSHINO GYPSUM ART FOUNDATION

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