everywhere, nowhere


November 09, 2007 – January 05, 2008

Artist: Futaba Suzuki

Opening Reception: Friday, November 30, 2007

Futaba Suzuki has been constructing miniature house models and subjecting them to video surveillance in order to create a parallel reality, thus reproducing a space between the real and imaginary. The construction of an alternative reality is an opportunity to investigate our perception of the world shaped by culture, as well as to search for a way to survive in this multicultural nomadic nature of contemporary life.

In the series of work, everywhere, nowhere (2006¡Á2007), Suzuki has constructed imaginary places– somewhere familiar to everyone, yet somewhat strange and almost uncanny. She used familiar images of houses to reconnect the viewer’s fragmental memory of particular or undefined places, thereby evoking certain feelings and psychological states. At the same time, the fade and awkwardness of the images worked to disconnect the viewer from reality.

everywhere, nowhere #2, 2006, is a slideshow of 23 images constructed from found images of Japanese architectural models of houses, juxtaposed against found images of landscapes from different countries. All my image sources were culled from various sites on the Internet. Suzuki utilized Photoshop to create a collarged house against a landscape in the same frame in order to construct a simulated place. With this slide show, the images represent the ambiguity between real and fiction, between a hybrid multicultural and an uprooted imaginary place.

Photo: everywhere, nowhere #5 (corridor), 2007