Emotional Echo: Separation


September 10 – October 29, 2010

Curated by ISE Cultural Foundation
Artist: Takafumi Ide

Opening Reception: Friday, September 17, 6-8PM
* Reception is not the first day of the exhibition
Artist Talk: Friday, October 15, 6-8PM/ Guest: Sharon Mesmer

ISE Cultural Foundation is pleased to present a solo exhibition, “Emotional Echo: Separation — sound and light installation by Takafumi Ide–”.

“Quietly intense and beautifully realized, Takafumi Ide’s exhibitions focus on his personal experiences. Choosing a single “keyword” that signifies his essential emotional state, Takafumi develops his conceptual and visual ideas into something that is simultaneously both personal and universal. The resulting installations offer the viewer a full sensory experience that is profoundly moving. By projecting his feelings and memories into his work, Takafumi creates work that is consistently elegant and immensely satisfying”.
–Rhonda Cooper, Director, University Art Gallery, Stony Brook University

Image by Takafumi Ide, “crossroads” 2007-2010, mixed media, 12′ x 10′ x 24′

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